I've Been Dreaming of a 13' in the $3000 to $4,000'ish range

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I've Been Dreaming of a 13' in the $3000 to $4,000'ish range

I am looking for the trailer I have dreamed of owning for years! An early model (Trillium, Scamp, Casita, etc).I need to be able to tow it with a mini van so I am thinking a 13' Scamp, 14' Trillium - or something similar.

My budget is limited and it is a stretch but I need to be in the $3,000 to $4,000 range.

If it needs TLC on the inside that is fine - I'm not afraid to work on it! However, I do need a solid and towable unit with good bearings, and frame. I have to be able to tow it up to 7 hours on the interstate after I purchase it.

  • Does the frame need to be POR'ed - no problem!
  • Does the battery box need to be replaced - bring it on!
  • Strip down the inside, clean and restore it - I can make those things happen!
  • Do I need to stop at Farm and Fleet to replace Tires - I can handle that
  • If the windows need some work; maybe even leak a bit - I'll read and learn :)
  • Does the floor have weak spots - It's ponytail and bandanna time, but please let me know ahead of time so that I have the right expectations.

Currently located in the Cleveland area and willing to drive 5 hours to view the trailer. (I travel througout Michigan, except the UP, and mid/northern Indiana, every couple of weeks so anything in that area wold be fine as well.)

Please contact me by e-mail only and provide pictures, status of title, city / st, etc. ("Molded Trailer for Sale" in the subject line please) or post comments here.

Thanks so much!


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