How to Post Your Scamp Trailer - US Ad

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How to Post Your Scamp Trailer - US Ad

In order to post an ad you will need to sign up for an account.

  • You can do that by clicking the "Create Account" link at the top right. 
  • Pick a username and enter a valid email address.
  • You will be sent an email with further instructions to login and validate your account.  If for some reason you don't receive it, please email us at

To post your Scamp - US Ad:

  1. Login to your account.  
  2. Choose (Click on it) "Fiberglass RVs For Sale - US."
  3. Choose (Click on it) "Scamp Travel Trailers - US."  At the top of the listings you'll see a button that says "New Fiberglass RV listing." Click on that and you'll be in a very powerful editor to post your listing.
  4. Fill in the subject line and the body of your ad.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SELLER CONTACT INFO IN YOUR AD.  We highly recommend you do not use your personal e-mail address but get a free e-mail with either gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc, that is then abandoned after the trailer is sold.  Also, if you post a phone number we recommend you obtain a Google voice number. If you do go ahead and use your personal phone or email, please type out some of the numbers or symbols.  For example (555) 555-five555.  Or info(at)fiberglass-4sale(dot)com.  That way it will not be a live link and your odds of receiving spam will be tremendously reduced. 
  5. Below the body area you will see the "Photo Uploading Instructions" to assist you in placing your photos in the ad. Do not copy and paste a photo into the body of your ad. It needs to be uploaded and inserted.
  6. When you complete your ad, click the "Save" button at the bottom left and your ad will be immediately posted.

At any time you can send your ad information in an email with pics attached in jpeg or gif format to and we will be happy to post it for you. V2