SOLD - 2011 EGG Camper EXCELLENT Condition Fully Loaded Many Extras $17,000.00 OBO 6'7" tall inside

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SOLD - 2011 EGG Camper EXCELLENT Condition Fully Loaded Many Extras $17,000.00 OBO 6'7" tall inside

EGG CAMPER, Excellent Condition, Many Upgrades, “Move In Ready” with Many Extras remaining with camper. Just Add Clothes and Food.......

2011 EGG Camper-Heat, Air Condition, Wet Bath .  Owner is 6’5” and has plenty of room to stand up compared to many other fiberglass campers. 17 foot from end to end including trailer.  AVAILABLE June 1

Condition: Excellent. Any condition issued, no matter how small will be listed below.

Tires: In Excellent Condition. Spare Tire-Excellent Condition.

Maintained:  Regularly had the Dexter Axles checked, repacked with grease and bearings checked. New brake pads. Exposed Metal Painted as Needed.

Upgrades: EXTERIOR- Exterior Electrical Plug professionally added. Exterior door providing access to under bed storage you would normally have to access from the inside, professionally added. (This space is for all of your outdoor gear) Cable Hookup professionally added, PVC Holder for tank emptying hose attached above bumper for easy to use access.

Upgrades: INTERIOR- Microwave, Gas Stove, Gas Heater (as well as electric heater), Small Flat Screen TV, Small DVD Player-(both with remotes), small flat screen Antenna- ( some DVD’s just for having something to watch when it is raining out side)  instructions for TV scanning antenna to find stations, 2 drawer cabinet in closest one, shelf with bins in closet two. Both closets have had shoe holders added to the interior of the doors for additional easy access storage for things you use daily, or to hold socks etc.   Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress. CLEAN!  Upgraded vinyl floor covering-wood pattern. ALSO-custom cut and edged indoor outdoor carpet that fits the inside perfectly (we took it up and stored under the bed)

Remains with Camper: Very Nice Pop Up tent.( $300.00 retail value,)2-two ton bottles jacks,  Industrial grade rubber back rug medium size for outside, 2 nice folding camp chairs-one heavy duty for 6’5” owner ( tent, rugs, chairs  store under the bed) Small Mr. Coffee that fits in the small sink making it safe when camper is moving. Electric Skillet that you can use inside or out, Under the bed storage pull out easy access box with dividers: containing  paper plates, plastic plates, small cooking pot and room for your tin foil plastic wraps and fry pan. Metal Knives Forks, Spoons and Cooking Utensils. ( wife is short so it was easier for her to access that way instead of over head cabinets). Folding stool to access over head cabinets, entry stool for easy step up step down, vertical fan, wood cutting board that fits over the sink ( we put the fan on it) Wooden cover over gas stove for more counter space-we very rarely used the gas stove. We needed the counter space more. On the wood cover is an attached wire basket that hold 2 coffee cups, 2 drink glasses, sugar container and coffee container- those items included too. Shower/Privacy Curtain for bathroom. Broom. Nearly Full Can of Black Paint for Rust Proofing for Metal. Recently Painted all visible parts of tongue and bumper. Propane Gas Cylinder-use for gas stove or can hook a gas grill up to it. Several Plastic Bins that were used in the overhead to hold spices etc.  Wooden Curtain Rods and Curtains. Small Charcoal Grill with some charcoal-stored in outside accessible storage. Chocks for wheels. Septic Treatment for Black Water tank for those long stays. Little Rug to put down when you are kneeling to plug camper into tow vehicle. Adapter for Camper Plug-(this give you 2 types of plugs. Some campsites differ.) Tire Covers- they have some wear but still are useable. Space tire with Cover.  Water Hose. 2 small plastic store bins on table to hold phones, keys etc. String of clear outdoor lights that can be plugged into camper. 1 bag of old candle for starting fires, 2 boxes of safe lite for starting fires, 1 folding army shovel, 1 light weight waterproof tarp. Sheets,Towles, Carbon Monoxide Alarm in case you are using a generator nearby. 

Tanks& Water Hook Ups. Black Water Tank, Grey Water Tank, Fresh Water Tank.  Port to fill fresh water tank, port to hook up to water at camp site.

Condition Issues: Little Crack in Wet Bath-has been sealed. (A table was dropped when storing for travel) Small Crack in sliding section of screen door around handle. The door that was added to the outside for easy storage access is a slightly different color than the Egg.  The original refrigerator was replaced. New one is a little smaller than the installed one so there is a little gap at the bottom. This refrigerator will work if the trailer is completely level or not. Some camper refrigerators wont. (refrigerator/freezer )

Other: The plyboard platform that holds the bed is hinged. You could substitute the bed for a futon mattress and fold it up into a couch if you wanted to. The dining table top comes off and that area can be made into a single bed.  The original table top was replaced with a larger one.  We had an removeable extender made to make the make that area wider so it would be more comfortable for grand kids. You remove the table top and stand, lay down the platform and you have a wider single place to sleep. That comes with the camper too.    

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