SOLD - Completely rebuilt and redesigned 1976 Boler - $17,000 - Kelowna, BC, Canada

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SOLD - Completely rebuilt and redesigned 1976 Boler - $17,000 - Kelowna, BC, Canada

It is with heavy hearts that we are selling our beloved little Buttercream Boler.  We put our hearts and souls into restoring her over nine months in 2018, and have created lots of amazing memories on our journeys with her since (the Oregon coast, Bryce Canyon Utah, Yellowstone…) Alas we have decided to move on to a new restoration project, something a little bit bigger, with a hot shower for the kiteboarding member of our marriage, so we have to let her go.

Ian Giles (undoubtedly the ultimate authority on Bolers in Canada!) inspired us with his little beauty, Buttercup (  We adopted a lot of his beautiful design into our remodel and then added different features that were a priority to us, the main one being a queen sized bed.  The detailed tutorials on Ian’s site were invaluable and very much appreciated.

As was the case with Buttercup, we stripped our Boler right down and started over.  The shell was removed from the frame and the frame was fully reinforced by a welder and a new axel was installed at this time.  The frame was then prepped, primed and repainted with industrial paint.  The shell was then reattached and was treated to a custom paint job.  The original aluminum windows and belly band were polished up and the front and back windows were reinstalled (an absolutely  miserable job!) with new gaskets.  We had an artist create adhesive lettering in the original BOLER font (pretty darned close anyways) for the rear end and front window cover. A platform was welded to the rear of the frame and a large lockable storage box was attached.  Technically she’s 44 years old but really she’s new.

Other features and details (everything was installed new and is still in new condition)

- Originally a 1976, 13 foot

- Generous sized dining booth converts into a very comfy queen sized bed

- Tons of storage under the dining booth seats for bedding, clothes, etc.

- Super functional kitchen with lots of counter space (we like to cook so this was a priority)

- Dometic 2-way fridge (3 cubic feet which is larger than normal for a small trailer)

- 2 burner Atwood propane stove

- High end, built in Breville large capacity toaster oven (you can seriously bake a pizza in it) for use with shore power

- Large S.S. sink with manual water pump faucet (works great!) Attached to portable water jugs below the sink)

- Tons of kitchen storage: drawers and huge pantry cabinet with latches to make sure they stay closed while driving

- Surprisingly generous closet for toiletries, hanging clothes and lots of shoes

- 12 volt lights

- Wired in C02 & LP gas detector

- Magic Fan in ceiling (draws air in or out so excellent for cooling when its hot and exhausting while cooking. 

- Several electrical plug-ins for use when on shore power

- 12 volt cigarette lighter style plug-in for charging phones or running a CPAP machine, etc.

- Matching fibreglass tongue box houses new battery and propane tank

- New tires and rims 

- Heavy duty RV 30 amp extension cord for shore power 

- Original canvas awning.  Works great!

- Including many of the colourful items we used to outfit and decorate her so her new owners won’t have to equip her with much!

- Trailer dolly included (makes moving her around and positioning her in tight places a breeze)


We easily pull our Boler with a medium sized, 6-cylinder SUV.  We also attach a bike rack to the hitch between the vehicle and the trailer. A portable solar panel can be a great addition.  They work great to charge the battery while you’re camping (sorry ours isn’t going to be included)

This is honestly the fun-nest, comfiest, tiny-home away from home you could ever imagine, but don’t even think about buying our little cutie if you don’t like attention because you’ll gets lots!

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Kelowna, BC, Canada