Classic restored 13' Boler Trailer - $15,000 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Classic restored 13' Boler Trailer - $15,000 - North Vancouver, BC, Canada

This will be hard to see go! We had our first baby camping right away in this beautiful boler so memories are strong but we are so hoping it can go to a great home! We have loved camping in our 13ft Boler but sadly we had outgrown it and have purchased a bigger trailer.

This Boler was purchased by us from a handy retired mechanic on the island and its fully tuned up for tons of great camping trips. Some of the specs are listed below:

*2 propane tanks
*2 batteries (fully charged and healthy)
*3-way fridge (electric, propane + battery - we have never used propane to run this as we always had a large cooler instead for our groceries and used this as a beer fridge for when plugged in or on battery)
*Propane furnace with thermostat (we never used this)
*Electric or battery powered heater (we only used this for our heat - added by previous owner)
*Previous owner has it wired to take a sound bar (he loved music) but we haven't used those connections
*Water connections + electrical for serviced sites
*Water tank + battery or propane for off-grid or non-serviced sites
*A storage box bolted to frame (removable should you wish and a spare tire can be attached instead - we love the storage box as it gives us additional room for tools)
*hoses for connection to water
*1000 watt power inverter (similar specs to one at CDN tire: MotoMaster Eliminator Pure Sine Wave 1000W Power Inverter converts 12 V DC power into 120V household AC power. Simply connect to the 12V battery in your vehicle, a standalone 12V battery, or a bank of batteries to run AC powered devices
Ideal for off-grid installations in cars, trucks, RVs, boats or at the cottage as well as emergency power during power outages)
*Porta-potty stored in storage box (never used it)

The shell is in great shape but we would probably get some wax for it to get the shine. There is also some small chips from rocks that spat up as we went to some pretty cool destinations on the front which you can see in the photos (apparently this is easily fixable with some sort of filler paint should it bother you).

Boler has been stored under a tarp each winter, with a space heater keeping it warm and dry. We sadly haven't used it for 2 years because of COVID and a newborn the year before.

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