SOLD - 81 Burro Refurbished and Ready to Camp! - $9,500 - Pasadena, CA

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SOLD - 81 Burro Refurbished and Ready to Camp! - $9,500 - Pasadena, CA

Price Reduced

Forget #vanlife, this is #spaceshiplife!

Easy to tow, even with a compact SUV or car. Newly refurbished interior with cork cabinet faces and laminate floor creates a light, airy feel in a compact space.  We got rid of all the old original particle board, gross carpet and fake wood-grain contact paper.  Bed converts to settee and table.  Room to stand up inside! AC unit keeps it nice and cool in hot weather.  Features a freshwater tank and faucet, outlets for electric cooking appliances.  Will include microwave oven and/or induction cooktop if you want them.  Lots of storage: below seats, overhead cabinets, coat closet, wire shelves, & kitchen cupboard.   This model does not have a built in toilet or shower (or the smells that go with them), but there is a cubby for a small porta-potty if you wish.  Non-smokers.

Perfect for summer music festival season!  Take it camping, or set it up at home as a guest room, Airbnb, spare office, relaxation space, or whatever.  Use it as a trade-show booth, for markets and shows, events, trailer rallies, on location, glamping, etc.

  • Brand new tires.
  • Chrome baby-moon hubcaps.
  • New trim strip on exterior centerline seam.
  • Retractable rooftop air vent.
  • CD/radio combo.
  • Air conditioner.
  • Freshwater tank and sink.
  • Mini fridge.
  • Sleeps 3 adults on 2 beds.
  • Standing room height interior.
  • Light weight, aerodynamic, easy on gas.
  • Cool vintage space-age styling details.
  • Rock-guard over front window
  • Turns heads everywhere it goes.



Trailer Location: 

Pasadena, CA