SOLD - 2021 Scamp 16 ft trailer with bathroom - $26,999 - Santa Clara, CA

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SOLD - 2021 Scamp 16 ft trailer with bathroom - $26,999 - Santa Clara, CA

This is an upgraded 2021 Scamp 16' trailer with a restroom and quick-convert bunk beds that sleeps 4 and is very lightweight (~2500 lbs dry). This is one of only trailers on the market that can sleep a family, has a bathroom, and can be safely towed without needing a pickup truck.

This trailer is in great condition since we only took it on a few trips so it has very minimal wear and tear. Scamp trailers are so popular right now that Scamp is back-ordered so you can't even buy a new one until 2024. Additionally, since this trailer is local, you won't have to pay the $3000 delivery fee to have it delivered from the manufacturer.

Notable features:
- Can be towed by minivan or SUV since only weighs ~2500 lbs dry
- Sleeps 4 (quick-convert sofa -> bunk beds and quick-convert dinette -> double bed)
- Upgraded large fridge: 3.7 Cu Ft  1.9 cu ft fridge) with 3-way power (gas / battery / shore power)
- Oven: so you can bake, roast, and reheat food
- 3-burner gas stove (upgraded from 2 burner)
- Air conditioner / heat pump (heater) on roof
- Gas powered water heater
- Bathroom / shower combo
- Exterior shower/hose hookups to let you rinse off outside

Included accessories:
- Custom shaped foam mattress topper
- Portable gas-powered space heater (for heat when not connected to power)
- Bunk bed rail guard

Legal disclaimer:
While this trailer is in great condition, the seller does not provide any guarantee or warranty on this trailer, so this sale is an as-is sale.