SOLD - 2021 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17' Trailer - $23,000 - Colleyville, TX

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SOLD - 2021 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17' Trailer - $23,000 - Colleyville, TX


2021 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17' Travel Trailer
- Furnace
- Aluminum patio awning
- 23 gallon fresh water tank
- Microwave
- LED light upgrade interior and exterior
- Sealed deep cycle battery
- Electric tongue jack
- Roller window shades
- High lift axle, 15" D-rated tires
- Video entertainment package

Purchase price in April of 2021 was $32,490. My elderly uncle purchased it to travel the country after selling his farm and house. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter he became ill and passed away. As a result the trailer has very low mileage and usage; it made one trip to Alabama and back, which is essentially all of the mileage and use it has on it.

The owner was ill inside of the camper for a few days before being taken to the hospital; he did not perish inside of the trailer, for the avoidance of doubt. The decision was made, however, to strip out the carpeted portions of the interior, which have not been replaced, and the entire trailer has been thoroughly decontaminated (date of death was back in August of 2021 and remediation work was carried out immediately), but carpets will need to be replaced. High-level estimates have been given at $2-3,000 to replace the carpeted portions of the interior. All other elements of the trailer are in place, functional, and essentially in like-new condition.

Asking price given the state of the interior but otherwise minimal usage is $23,000.