SOLD - 2019 Hymer Touring GT Trailer - $35,000 - Vernon, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 2019 Hymer Touring GT Trailer - $35,000 - Vernon, BC, Canada

Hymer GT Ad

We love this little trailer, but are considering trying something different. Please read the ad __in full__ before responding.


2019 Hymer Touring GT 550.
- Excellent condition, no problems, everything works, ready to go.
- Under 2500lbs in original form; guessing it's in the 2700-2900lb range with modifications as it currently sits.
- European design with an incredibly well done interior. Light, stylish and very practical.
- Fibreglass shell, no worries about leaks.
- Fully insulated.
- Hot water.
- 2.8 cu/ft fridge. Excellent, quality unit that runs off 12v and 120v.
- Truma propane furnace and water heater (very quiet, unlike like the Dometic units found in most trailers).
- Air conditioning (A/C).
- Fresh water tank is approximately 100L (going off the top of my head).
- Grey water tank.
- Interior and exterior shower.
- Removable, 5 gallon cassette toilet. You can dump this into any porta potty, rest area toilet, home toilet, etc. No more relying on sani stations!
- RV King sized bed, oriented lengthwise so you don't have to climb over your other half to get out.
- Dinette which turns into another full-sized bed.
- Tons of storage. Lots of cabinets all around, huge storage area under the bed, plus two more storage compartments accessible from two sides of the trailer.
- Fits into the garage! A huge plus over virtually all other trailers on the market.
- Original TV and Microwave were removed (we don't use them), but are included will be re-installed before sale.
- Brand new deep cycle battery installed in May 2021.

Price is FIRM, and is not in any way negotiable; please don't waste my, or your time.
- Trailer is located in Vernon, BC. All viewings must be done at my home. I will not tow the trailer for viewings.
- I am happy to deliver it to any location within a 2hr driving radius of my home (after full payment).

Additions/modifications to the trailer as follows:
1. Lifted 5 1/4" using a new, Dexter axle with adjustable torsion arm angle.

The height of the trailer can be changed in ~30 mins by doing this on both sides: remove the wheel, loosen a single bolt that holds the hub to a spindle on the axle, slide the hub off, turn it in either direction, and slide it back on. Tighten the single bolt, put the wheel back on. Very simple. This changes the angle of the torsion arm, and thus lowers or raises the trailer.

Getting another 6" of lift is trivial (I've seen the trailer at this height when the lift was originally done), and likely can go considerably higher.

The lowest point on the trailer (as it sits right now) is the grey water tank dump valve, which sits 9 3/4" off the ground - higher than the clearance on any stock truck or SUV.

The lift was done by a professional trailer shop, and is by far the best-done lift I have seen on these trailers. Everything is boxed, fully (and properly!) welded, gusseted, etc.

2. Electric brakes. Extended safety chains. Breakaway controller.

3. A-frame extension to the tongue (bolt on). Powdercoated.

4. Tongue extended 2ft, added via a hinge that allows the tongue to fold. This takes up less space in the garage and makes for much better towing stability. Powdercoated.

5. Extended electrical wiring.

6. Ark OffRoad XO 750 jockey wheel. Dual wheels, incredibly beefy unit. You can put the trailer on this wheel and winch it through mud or snow if need be; plenty of videos on youtube of this being done!

7. Custom storage platform on the A-frame tongue which holds the battery, two 30L propane tanks and has room for up to eight (!!) 20L gas/water cans.

8. Dual propane tank conversion with two 30L propane tanks, automatic changeover regulator, Montana covers.

9. Four, 7500lb levelling/stabilizers (one in each corner).

10. 3" memory foam mattress on top of the original mattress.

11. Various small interior improvements and organizers.

These trailers are incredibly rare, and a LOT of time and money has gone into this one.

In stock form these trailers are incredibly prone to swaying on the road; it was not safe to drive faster than 105kph as the trailer would violently sway from side to side. With the extended tongue, lift, and tongue storage platform/weight, this trailer has been completely transformed and is planted like a rock. Twisty highways, snow-covered hills, etc. are all no problem. I've had it up to 140kph with no issues.