SOLD 2019 17' Casita Liberty Deluxe - $22000 - Medford OR

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SOLD 2019 17' Casita Liberty Deluxe - $22000 - Medford OR

"NEW" 2019 Casita 17' Liberty deluxe
Travel trailer. This little Casita was 
Ordered from the manufacture in 
Rice Texas, after a six month 
Waiting Period, this is a small
Company that builds approximately
700 RV per year, that is a very small 
Amount for any company, this is a 
All fiberglass travel trailer that is fully 
Self contained, and is fully equipped 
With nearly every option available 
At the factory, plus a lot of extras.

Over $26,000 was spent to outfit
This Casita, this is the Liberty model 
With the king size bed, and larger 
Dual sided kitchen with three burner
Stove, I will list all the options that 
Were installed by the manufacture,
And all the extra goodies that go along
with the trailer. 

Aluminum case patio awning $799.
Furnace $499.
Vinyl flooring $296.
Outside shower/ with wash station $96.
25 gallon fresh water tank upgrade 
Dealer installed microwave oven $199.
LED interior and exterior lighting
Range cover 3-burner stove $49.
Maintenance free AGM deep cycle 
Battery upgrade $278.
Electric tongue jack $199.
Friction anti-sway control bar $89.
Exterior Solar charging port $89.
Hi lift axle package 15" D range
Tire upgrade $199.
Satellite and cable ready $38.
TV shelf in right rear corner $69.

I have a close family member who's
Been diagnosed with all timers disease,
I'd rather not have this little Casita
Sitting around not being used for years 
I'd rather give it a happy home, 
And not having to pay for storage fees.

I am posting a few pictures of the
Exterior, I will update the interior 
As soon as possible. this Casita has 
The preferred tan color package 
As well as the wide isle and king size 
Bed with two dinette tables
This is the model with the most 
Interior room and storage.

This RV has not been used at all 
It will be delivered as new, it was 
Transported in a container semi truck 
Most of the way to Oregon.