SOLD - 2019 16' Airstream Nest - $40,000 - Bellingham, WA

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SOLD - 2019 16' Airstream Nest - $40,000 - Bellingham, WA

I'm selling my 2019 Airstream Nest. This gorgeous pull-behind will get you noticed! People will stop you at the gas station, and come visit camp just to ask, "What is that?!" Generally followed by an, "It's SO cute!" And really, it is!

Airstream only manufactured the Nest for 2 years, so there's not many out there. The few that are have inspired a bit of a cult following. That, and since it's an Airstream, the Nest is sure to be a collector's item in the future and will undoubtedly hold it's value.

Anyway, some of the nuts and bolts details: The Nest is 16' long and only weighs a scant 3,400 lbs, so most any SUV can tow it. No need to go out and buy some special truck to haul it around. It tows great too! Airstream fits these out with the rear torsion bar axles (a significant upgrade over any other travel trailer's leaf springs), so you barely know it's back there. Truly!

Technically this is the "Nest 16U Premier Dinette Floor Plan" ( That means you get the turquoise colored front dinette and an extra cabinet across from the sink and cooktop, which is great for meal prep when you're out, camping amongst the trees. That also means there's extra cabinet storage space.

Speaking of storage space, There's a cedar lined closet in the back and TONS of extra storage space under the seats of the dinette. I kept all my goodies there - packraft, climbing gear, backpacking gear. You name it, I had it stored under there for easy access.

The U shaped dinette (with that AMAZINGLY bright wrap-around window) transforms into a very comfortable Queen sized bed. The cushions which make up the mattress are from Tuft and Needle, and is seriously comfy! Airstream kindov went full on "spare no expense" on these Nests, which means you'll be glamping more luxuriously than anyone around! Air conditioning? Check. Electric roll out awning with LED's? Check. Propane furnace AND a heat exchanger? Got that too, as well as heat tape on all the internal pipes, juuuust in case it gets cold overnight while you're down in Moab or in the mountains in the late autumn. There's even a very tidy wet-bath with a shower!

If you want a little more info, here's Airstream's (retired) Nest website: