SOLD - 2018 13' Meerkat RV - $20,000 - Virginia Beach, VA

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SOLD - 2018 13' Meerkat RV - $20,000 - Virginia Beach, VA

2018 Meerkat Camper for sale.

At 13 feet long, an empty weight of 900lbs and a tongue weight of 100lbs the Meerkat is the perfect mini camper that can be towed by most any car. We brought it all the way from Seattle to Virginia Beach with our 4 cylinder Subaru Crosstrek! At only 6'-5" tall with the top down the Meerkat fits in a standard garage and once at your camp site put the top up for interior headroom of more than 6'. Included in the sale, a 75watt solar panel to keep your battery topped up, two REI lounge camp chairs, a 10' pop up tent to cover your picnic table and an attachable to the camper tent to provide extra dry space for your gear once at your site.

Meerkat doesn't have a dealer network and is sold only in San Diego CA. Don't miss a rare chance to get one of these trailers on the east coast.

(Editor's Note: Please note the Meerkat is not Molded Fiberglass like the other trailers listed on our website. The Meerkat has a fiberglass top but the sides are aluminum skin over aluminum frame. We list it because we have found the molded fiberglass trailer community likes them and find them similar to the other molded fiberglass brands.)