SOLD - 2017 Scamp 13ft FB - $15,000 -Kellyville, OK

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SOLD - 2017 Scamp 13ft FB - $15,000 -Kellyville, OK


2017 Scamp 13ft FB - $15,000 - Kellyville, Oklahoma

I converted this scamp for full time living, so the layout will be slighty different than the original build.

I installed a 5 foot butcher block countertop along with a deep stainless steel sink and tall gold faucet. The sink and water pump work great. 

The front bunk bed feature was changed to just be in the couch style, but can still fit one person for sleeping.

The original floor was this interesting pink speckle design, so I applied a floor sticker that resembles wood panels and that has held up wonderfully.

The main bed/table area no longer converts to a table, I decided to lay 4 pieces of wood across along with these blue boat panel things that allow air to circulate under the mattress and prevent mildew. The mattress is a queen sized temperpedic that was cut to fit the unique shape of the scamp. I still have the original cushions that went there too if you would like those.

I have a WeBoost system that would extend internet coverage. Since I no longer have a use for it, I will include it with the scamp for free if you want it. 

The air conditioner, fridge, fan, water pump, and electricity all work. 


- there is a small crack that started near the door hinge, so I sprayed some flex seal on it and it has not gotten any worse since. It is kind of an eyesore though. 

- the air conditioner was leaking at one point last fall, so I also sprayed some flex seal on it and there has been no leaking since.

- the drawer in the kitchen is just sitting on top of the fridge. I have no idea how to install drawers and picking up the drawer worked for me.

- I ripped out all the original lights in the scamp, except for the two LED ones over the bed. They barely provided any light and frankly were not that good looking. I replaced the lights with some battery powered puck lights under all the cabinets. They can turn any color you want, its pretty cool. The downside are the ugly holes left behind by the old lights that I have no idea how to repair. 

- I cut out the panel above the counter to be one large space instead of two separate cabinets. I personally like the "open shelf" look and had no issues with things falling out because of the lip.  

- the cover for the 30 amp hook up fell off, I still have the cover if you would like to try reattaching it. 



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Kellyville, OK