SOLD - 2017 17ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $19,600 obo - Scottsdale, AZ

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SOLD - 2017 17ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $19,600 obo - Scottsdale, AZ

This is a 2-owner 2017 Spirit Deluxe that I bought from the original owner in TX who had used it approx. 2 times before choosing to order a different floor plan. Options in addition to the standard equipment include the furnace, 25 gallon water tank and the high lift suspension. It was ordered without the factory awning and with the graphics deleted. I have added the custom memory foam mattress from Southern Mattress and the CalMark cover and tire covers. It has been stored here in AZ and used 2 or 3 times per year other than '22/'23 when it has simply been stored under cover. I am currently having new tires installed. The Casita is stored in Scottsdale, AZ and I am available any time for those who want to see it in person.

I am moving out of AZ and do not intend to take the Casita with me. I have listed it as "make offer" as I've lost touch with the current pricing for these Casitas and simply want to work out something fair for the next owner. The other development, as I prepared to re-list, was that my neighbor at the storage facility scuffed the side of the Casita and put a small tear in the cover. I have a patch for the cover that was provided by CalMark and have a $900 estimate from a quality fiberglass repair company if/when someone chooses to fix the scuff. I have added images of the scuff and the cover. Within the pricing and in the interest of working out something "fair", I will be accounting for the new scuff and some other items:

  • Buff/detail of the exterior interior is pristine and needs nothing
  • A new battery
  • Damage to the door where a break in occurred at the storage facility. Nothing was stolen as there was nothing in the trailer, but it did leave me with a damaged door which is also pictured. The Casita factory parts department can support ordering a new door if desired. I have used it 'as is' as the door still locks. The new door from Casita is priced at $680.

It's a bummer that there are the two outside items scuff and door damage because it is otherwise ultra clean on the interior. I have the owner's manual and manuals for the equipment installed by the manufacturer.



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Scottsdale, AZ


$19600 or best offer