!!SOLD!! 2014 Lil-Snoozy - $18,000 - Atlanta, GA

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!!SOLD!! 2014 Lil-Snoozy - $18,000 - Atlanta, GA



I have decided to sell our Lil Snoozy even though we did not get a lot of use out of it. I purchased it from the original owner in April this year (2022) with the intent to travel the country, but my best friend and wife passed. Thankfully we were able to use it together for a short period. I decided that I'm just going to travel the world a bit and won't be using this camper.

It has a 98% household queen size bed. We removed the foam mattress the previous owner had and use a full size air mattress in conjunction with a 3" latex mattress topper. It sounds janky, but it is the most incredible sleep ever. Bonus is that I deflate the mattress and let the latex topper air out.

I keep it in the driveway plugged into shore power so I can keep the air conditioning set to 85 degrees so it will dehumidify the camper. I also use an ozone generator to disinfect the camper.

It has 2 x 100 watt Grape Solar panels mounted on the roof. This was installed by the PO. it maintains the charge on the 12V system as well as powers the 12 volt fridge. This is really nice because the fridge will always have power thanks to the solar panels and the on board 12v battery.

The previous owner also had jalousie style windows by Hehr installed so that you can have airflow when it rains.

I just put new Goodyear tires on it, new bearings, new spindles, new brakes.

I also resealed the edge with Plexus MA300 toughened acrylic and I also placed new edge trim and resealed it with new silicone as Shaun from Snoozy advised.

I sealed the old mouse-hole power plug and installed a water tight shoreline plug for the outside.

I installed a retractable bathroom door for better access to the bath.

I replaced the bathroom faucet and installed a water saving shower head.

The original owner did not use the shower. I confirmed this as the hose was dry and would not even flex anymore because it had been hung up in the same spot since they bought it. The faucet leaks when turned on and I have a new faucet with new water saving shower wand. It might be replaced, it might not be, but I have the parts none-the-less.

The original owner removed a portion of the jackknife sofa to make room for a 12V chest fridge. He didn't want or order his snoozy with the under cabinet fridge. It's currently a large storage locker. I was going to buy a truck fridge and put in a small dinette to replace whats left of the jackknife. I also planned on removing the shower door to put a wider retractable shower door and have started that process.

I have watermarked the pictures with the e-mail address I created to sell this camper. This will help me reduce spam and prevent people from using the photos to scam other people.

Exterior length - 19’ (tongue to rear of AC)

Interior length (box) - 14’6”

Exterior width - 7’11”

Interior width - 6’6”

Exterior height - 7’7” (Plus probably about 10" with TV antenna PO installed)

Interior height - 6’4”

Clearance underneath 7 ½”

Dry weight (w/standard features, w/o water) - 2500 LBS

Fresh water tank - 35 gal

Grey water tank - 31 gal

Black water tank - cassette toilet

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Atlanta, GA