SOLD - 2012 Escape 17B Trailer - $30,000 - South Surrey, BC, Canada

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SOLD - 2012 Escape 17B Trailer - $30,000 - South Surrey, BC, Canada

Hi all, we are selling our trailer, which we love, as we are moving to a Northern Lite truck camper so we can get into more rugged locations. The camper we are buying is even older than our trailer, but becuase NL campers are built in the same 2 piece fibreglas design as Escapes, it too will last virtually forever.
We bought the trailer off of the original owner in August of 2020. He kept it in a garage over winters and we used a cover, that will be included. The trailer is in really great shape, having been very well taken care of by both owners.
Other additions we put into the trailer are:
- New fridge last summer
- New plumbing and fridge vents last summer
- New O2 alarm last summer
- Replaced single 12v battery with dual 6 volts this spring
- New stove vent this spring
- New bearings this spring (also brakes were checked and all good)
I think I have covered all the additions/upgrades and maintenance done since we've had it. The only caveat is the window shade that needs to be restung. String will be included with the sale - I ordered it through Escapes supplier at a cost of about $60USD. As you can see in the pics, the screen is presently hanging down, so totally ready to camp.