SOLD - 2012 Casita 17' Liberty Deluxe - $16,995 - Fairfax, CA

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SOLD - 2012 Casita 17' Liberty Deluxe - $16,995 - Fairfax, CA

Casita 17' Liberty Deluxe

Toilet, Shower, Stove, Fridge, AC, Furnace

The Liberty model is the most sought after because:
-it has the biggest kitchen in the Casita line up
-the bed can either be a queen size + dining area, king-size, or two twin beds if people want to sleep separately so they can get up in the night without waking their partner.

All Fiberglass so no rust or rot!
Light enough to be towed by almost anything (I currently tow it with a Toyota Highlander)
You can easily stay off-grid with plenty of storage, water, electricity, etc
Could even use the Casita as a second home in your yard or driveway!

Casitas are fiberglass and don't have the same problems as most campers. They're similar to Scamp, Boller, Trillium, Bigfoots, and other fiberglass eggs with a large support community.