SOLD- 2012 17' Egg Camper for Sale - $15,000 - Williston, ND - SOLD 8/19/2021

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SOLD- 2012 17' Egg Camper for Sale - $15,000 - Williston, ND - SOLD 8/19/2021


We are the 2nd owners of this amazing camper, bought in 2014. It might be the smartest money we ever spent, never a problem. We truly love our little camper and hate to sell, but the family has grown to 5 and time to upsize a little.

The unit was designed by a retired aerospace engineer. You don't know it's behind you going down the highway. First owner added solar panels and we can't over emphasize its value. You can be parked anywhere with no plug in and your lights, water pump, fridge and 12v charger work continuously, no need to worry. A couple hours sunlight fully recharges the 2 batteries. He also painted most of the interior and tiled the countertop. Softens the interior.

We added the storage box on the front hitch. Batteries, cables, cords, blocking, odds and ends fit nicely. There is an awning also which sets up in minutes. This is an all electric unit. No propane.

Full size bed
Side dinette which converts to side bunk bed
Electric Heater
Air Conditioner
Shower, Toilet
Solar Panels
Roof Fan
Screen Door
Exterior Storage Box
Rear Bumper 2" Hitch Insert (haul bikes)

If you like the idea of hooking up and heading down the road with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in tow without 40' of headache...

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Williston, ND