SOLD 2009 Bigfoot 25' 25B25FB (Front Bed) Travel Trailer - SOLD

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SOLD 2009 Bigfoot 25' 25B25FB (Front Bed) Travel Trailer - SOLD

This is the two-door, front walkaround queen bed version of this wonderful trailer.  Thick insulation, double-pane windows, and heated tank area make it a true four-season RV.  With very large battery capacity and 12 volts at the head of the bed, it's CPAP-ready.
(In these images, it still carries evidence of the most recent trip; that will have been cleaned up.) 

• Axle and shock mounts altered to provide nearly 6" additional 
ground clearance.
• 15" E-rating tires (good condition).
• Hitch insert and weight-distribution hardware included.  
(_Anti-sway_, too, although it has never been needed.)
• 4 x 6V true deep-cycle batteries (Trojan; wired as 2 x 12V) with 
water-filling system.
• Wiring for 12V CPAP use (can be left in place or removed, as desired at sale).
• 750W 6.52A AC-DC inverter with USB charging port.
• Rug runners for additional warmth in cold weather.
• Bigfoot options:
  Air Conditioning (11,000 BTU).
  Awning - 14' Self Storing.
  Crank-Up TV Antenna.
  Cable TV ports.
  AM/FM/CD/Aux radio; exterior speakers.
  Exterior shower.
  Power Tongue Jack.
  Rollaway Shower Door.
• Miscellaneous gear:
  Leveling pads (3 stacks).
  Wheel chocks.
  Battery drill for stabilizers.
  Water hose with pressure regulator.
• Portable generator available ($50).

We have made a number of long trips with this trailer (New England and Nova Scotia, Four Corners, Yellowstone, Jedediah Smith Redwoods, and Palo Duro Canyon), and a great many shorter "cruises"); our 2001 5.4L F150 with the non-towing rear-end ratio has been perfectly satisfactory at all times except on the steepest, longest, upgrades.  (Even then, I just kept to the right lane [flashers on, like the truckers do], and relaxed with it.)  Curves, corners, and stops always felt sure and safe.
(BTW: This truck still has thousands of miles of towing left in it; it may be available as well.)


We were delighted to find this very comfortable trailer, but now it's time for us to try something different.  Load your stuff on board, and go camping this very next weekend!


• Terms: Local buyers (Seattle area) only; cash--no payments, no trades.
• Keywords: Bigfoot fiberglass travel trailer

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