2009 13' Scamp w/ Bathroom - $12,500 - Cincinnati, Ohio

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2009 13' Scamp w/ Bathroom - $12,500 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Fiberglass Travel Trailer

Weighs around 1500 lbs Towed with a Subaru Outback 2.5l model without use of electric brakes through PA and KY without issues. Electric brakes (if you can use 7 pin)

New Renogy 100ah battery

Working hot water heater

Working a/c

New pine cabinets

Permanent bed was installed after table broke. Have all table hardware but the table failed so a template from cardboard was made and the damaged particle board table was discarded.

Has no exterior leaks

Rear stabilizer plate was welded back on by a previous owner and prevents it from locking without being manually tied.

Cable Port is missing and is currently covered with tape at the moment. I removed it thinking i was going to use the replacement the last owner had only to discover it was a different size intended for newer models which is the only version. It can be made to work but wouldn't look as nice. Trying to source another one now but success is not guaranteed by time of selling.

Note on pictures: Will take a picture of the cable port and stabilizer plate and upload it tonight. 



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Cincinnati, Ohio