SOLD 2009 13' Scamp camp trailer - $7500 - Santa Fe, NM

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SOLD 2009 13' Scamp camp trailer - $7500 - Santa Fe, NM

Scamp camping trailer 2009. Price is $ 7,500. The trailer is 13 feet long and weighs about 1,300 pounds, thus it can be towed with smaller vehicles. We have towed it with a 4 cylinder Toyota Rav 4. It pulls straight when towed and is easy to pull at higher highway speeds.

Interior is very clean with a pump sink, two-burner stove, propane heat, solar panel with battery for some interior lights, other electric lights and plugs for hooking up at a park, and it has recently purchased tires. Cabinets hold a good sized cooler, ample storage, and there is a collapsable dining table which turns into a bed. The trailer is in great shape, and is being sold because we want a higher clearance trailer for off-road situations.

It had an owner who used it only infrequently and then a second owner who did the same because his family grew and he needed a larger sized trailer. Prefer you leave a voice message if interested with your contact info. (no texts). I will return your call as soon as possible and will be happy to send additional details and photos to any serious inquiries. Thanks for your interest.