SOLD - 2008 Casita Liberty Deluxe 17 Foot - $15,500 - Bartlesville, OK

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Bartlesville Casita
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SOLD - 2008 Casita Liberty Deluxe 17 Foot - $15,500 - Bartlesville, OK

We are sadly putting our beloved 2008 Liberty Deluxe for sale. We are the second owners and have had her since March 2015. We have taken good care of the trailer with many modifications.

Just before Little House Customs closed at the end of 2018, they did the following on the trailer:

-Installed 4 BAL scissor jacks

-Installed the thermostat modification

-Removed pea trap and installed a hepo valve for the shower

-Performed the fast grey and vent modification for the holding tanks.

-Installed Orbital Machine Works Casita Receiver Hitch

-Installed Orbital Machine Works Generator Platform

-Installed Anderson Cutoff for the battery

-Installed solar connector for battery

In November, 2018, Little Home on the Road installed a high rise axle and a shock absorber kit on the Casita.

In December 2018/January 2019, we replaced the converter.

In August of 2022, the wheel bearings were replaced and the water heater element was replaced.

We have also installed Little House Customs three way light for the entry, shower and bathroom faucets, metal latch for the water heater, screen door push bar, city water connection, and toilet shut off for the water line. We have also installed shelves in the closet on the right hand side, leaving room for hanging clothes on the left.

We had the squirrel cage on the Air Conditioner replaced in September 2021 as it was making a rattle at startup. We spent six weeks in Albuqurque last summer/fall (2022) and it worked fine. The heat coil in the A/C unit is usable down into the 20’s. The shroud on the A/C is old and beginning to break/crack in places.

The Casita does have the propane furnace.

There is a hitch platform on the trailer with an attached footlocker that we use for all sewer related items. The tires on the ground are Goodyear Endurance with the driver’s side date code in 2020 and the passenger’s side date code in 2022. The spare is old.

We spent from the beginning of 2020 to around September of 2021 full-timing. We also spent six weeks last year in Albuquerque volunteering at the Balloon Fiesta. We do not smoke, but we do travel with cats. 

Because we wintered in the Casita full-time for two winters and didn’t want to leave the cabinet doors open due to the cats exploring, we added some small round vents to the cabinet doors for air circulation. Also, due to the cats, we have replaced the window and door screens. The cats did scratch the carpet - the worst spot is on the corner wall as you enter. It is in one of the pictures, but may not be noticeable in the picture unless you look closely.

The major issue that we know of is the refrigerator. By August/September of 2021, it was starting to not work well on DC or propane. The man who replaced the squirrel cage on the A/C  glanced at it and said that he saw evidence of leaking. When we went to Albuquerque in 2022, it did not work on DC or propane, but ran fine on AC once it cooled. While in Albuquerque, the freezer door finally cracked and it is now held up by tape.

We had the Casita set up with permanent twin beds (like an Independence) and roman shades for our use, but have returned it to its original set up with the original cushions and new mini-blinds. If you are interested in our bed extensions and shelves, we can provide those to you.


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