SOLD - 2005 Scamp 13' - $10000

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SOLD - 2005 Scamp 13' - $10000



I’m a 2005 Scamp, 13’ model (layout 1), and I’m looking for a new family.  With all the improvements and care they gave me I really felt loved.  That is until they came home with that 16’ Scamp.  Believe me, a bathroom is overrated.  So make an offer.  You and I will have some great times. 

The improvements include a countertop extension that makes cooking meals a lot easier.  I also have new storage shelves in the closet.  Who uses hangers anyway.  My additional AC outlet comes in handy for charging phones.  That original weak 30 amp converter was replaced with a new 50 amp unit that will handle all your power needs.  I thought these people really loved me when they put in a new door seal, a sweet little rack for electronic tablets and reading material, and additional mattress support.  The additional support makes it comfortable to sit on the edge of the bed.  And don’t forget the new LED reading lights and two new tires.  I can’t believe they are giving me up.

All the stock features are in good shape too.  They include a dinette table that coverts to a bed, a propane stove, a refrigerator (AC, DC or propane), a comfortable bench seat that converts to bunk beds, a ceiling fan and roof vent, a durable battery and a roll-out awning.  There is enough storage space for anything you need.  And the other standard stuff, like water and holding tanks, lights, plumbing, windows and wiring all work great.  The only thing that doesn’t work is the gull durn heater.  It never did.  Even if it did work you would probably not use it much because it is located right next to the bed.  Who wants a heater up against your head.  But sometimes it gets kind of cold so the guy added a propane Buddy Heater.  Works great and you can put it anywhere you want.  They are throwing in the Buddy Heater as well as a nice little porta-potty.  Its not elegant but it does the job on cold nights. Fits nicely under the bench seat too.

You gotta come check me out.  Living in the shadow of a 16’ is no place for me.  I am all about hitting the road.  I’m so light and nimble that you can tow me with just about any vehicle and you won’t even know I’m there.  Hey, if you are really nice people they will throw in the truck too.  I followed that Tacoma all across Montana last summer. This is a good deal and I’m worth every penny.  The guy wants 10 grand for me but he will probably take $9,500.  You can talk to him about adding the truck.  Good families only.

Please contact me .com and Suzanne or Gene will get back to you.

Trailer Location: 

Charlo, MT (NW near Flathead Lake and Glacier)