EXPIRED LISTING - 2003 13' Scamp - $13,000 - Durango, CO

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EXPIRED LISTING - 2003 13' Scamp - $13,000 - Durango, CO

I'm selling my 2003 13' Scamp. We've had a lot of great adventures over the years, but it's time for me to sell it. If you don't have a heavy duty vehicle, Scamps are the trailer to get. There so light weight (950 lbs.) that just about any vehicle can pull them. When we first got it, we used a 4 cylinder CRV to haul it.

The Scamp is in great shape. Everything except the heater works. We never bothered to fix it because the trailer is so well insulated. It's warm and toasty even on cold nights. The trailer sleeps four. The dinette folds down into a bed that sleeps two and there is a bench that turns into bunk beds. There is a stove, refrigerator, sink, and plenty of storage. All the electrical can be run off a hookup or battery. The refrigerator is electric or gas which gives you the option of getting off the beaten track.

Please don't contact me with lowball offers. Every few months we get a knock on our door from someone looking to buy the trailer for a song and every time I say thanks but no thanks. I'm by no means desperate to get rid of the trailer, so please don't waste your or my time with unreasonable offers.