SOLD 2002 Scamp16, layout 4 - $11,500 - Sarasota, FL

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SOLD 2002 Scamp16, layout 4 - $11,500 - Sarasota, FL

Well-loved 2002 Scamp 16, layout 4 (side bath) in VERY good condition in search of appreciative new home able and willing to provide the fun and adventurous lifestyle to which she has become accustomed.  She's clean and shiny, tidy and trim (under 2000#), well behaved and well maintained (no leaks, everything works).  She comes will all standard equipment (3-way fridge, 2-burner propane cooktop, propane heat and water heater, toilet/shower as well as electric brakes, anti-sway bar and brand new professionally installed low profile roof-mount Dometic AC. 

We never used the rear dinette and added a (easily removable) bed modification to permit roomier front to back sleeping (see pics). Foam mattress/cushions (with memory foam toppers) couple with a deck extension on folding legs that slides out from below resulting in a true, full-sized bed at head and torso, a bit narrower at feet.  Much more comfortable than the standard (less than full-sized) bed, no one has to climb over anyone to get in and out of bed and there’s the bonus of room for convenient storage bins on the sides and bottom!  Win, win, win!  No worries, if you prefer the standard layout, she has all the original dinette/bed hardware and cushions in great shape.  Front bunk/bench cushions only.  ("Upper bunk" hardware and platform available from Scamp or easy DIY.) 

Act fast before we change our minds!

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Sarasota, FL