SOLD - 2002 13ft Scamp Trailer - $12,950 - Savage, MN

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SOLD - 2002 13ft Scamp Trailer - $12,950 - Savage, MN

2002 13 foot Scamp Travel Camping Trailer for sale. $12,950.
This is a fiberglass “egg” shaped trailer, light weight, compact, can be towed with average car or SUV. Sleeps 4 in a double bed and a bunk bed. It has a vented furnace for heat, propane cook-top stove, refrigerator that runs on propane, 12 volt battery or 120 volt regular AC electricity. Several windows, screen door and power roof vent for cooling air flow. (the windows are mostly the louvered type that can be open in the rain, and are screened.
It is very cute!
Email me (Jeff) with your identifying contact information and I will get back to you with how you can see it. I am busy today, but will have it available for viewing Sunday starting at 11 am until dark, and during the week in that same time frame, let me know if that does not work for you. Location is my house in Savage, about 4 miles southwest of Burnsville Center.
Further details:
You can learn a lot about them from the Scamp factory sales website:
You can get a pretty good idea from all the pictures… they call this the 13 footer, that is measuring from the back to the end of the tongue. It has a 1 ⅞ inch ball hitch. Has a propane tank and 12 volt battery sitting on the tongue. There is a couch that converts to a bed with a bunk bed above it, the bunk suitable for a child. The bunk is removable, which is the way we used it. There is a double bed that converts to a table with 2 bench seats. There is 4 inch foam cushions are enclosed in almost new fabric covers from Scamp.
There is an excellent 2 burner propane stove top, hooked up to the tank on the front. The furnace is also hooked up to propane tank, and is vented outside, controlled by a separate thermostat, with a blower, keeps it warm below freezing, and I am guessing would keep it warm in any weather you would encounter. The inside of the shell is insulated, details on website.
The small refrig runs on 12 volt, or propane, or regular electricity if that is available.
There is a sink, that is supplied by a 12 gallon fresh water tank, pumped by a battery operated pump. Other Scamps have a hand powered pump. This could be improved. More effectively, you can hook up the water system to a supplied pressurized water supply with a hose. We will supply a gray-water tank that connects to the drain with a hose, or if it was appropriate you could drain the gray water away from the trailer.
There is a fair amount of storage in cupboards, drawer, under bunk etc.
I have added 3 12 volt LED lights, and converted existing lights to LED, so it is plenty bright inside. I also added several USB ports for charging phones, cameras etc. I also installed a new door for the big cupboard, and a new drawer front. My wife sewed new curtains, double layer to block early dawn light if you like to sleep in…
There is a 20 foot (or so) 30 amp electrical cord to plug into electric while camping.
The person we bought it from 2 years ago said Scamp installed a new furnace with new thermostat, new fridge, new screen door and new 3 speed Fantastic Fan (in vent), new door seal gasket, and tires replaced. I have no way to corroborate that, - the screen door does look quite worn, but works fine. He also made a slide-up door for the storage under the front bunk that works well and saves space. That spot fits the included “cassette” portapotty. He also made a handy lift-up table that provides more counter space, but folds out of the way.
The trailer has 1 ⅞ ball hitch, and 7 blade electrical connection to supply electricity from tow vehicle to trailer lights and interior power system. You can use a converter to a 4 pin electric, but that won’t power the interior. I towed it with my Subaru Outback and Forester, I have seen them towed by smaller vehicles. Weighed at scale as 1360 pounds, mostly empty.
I have kept track of 13 foot Scamps sold on in the metro area this past year, range as high as $14,000 for comparable trailers. A new bare bones one at Scamp cost about $18,000 last time I checked, and you had to wait 2 years to get it(this was before inflation, about 6 months ago). The price $12,950 is firm. If you want the chocks, jack stands, locks and 4 inch memory foam topper for the double bed, you can have them for another $200, far less than cost. I will include a fabric cover made for the Scamp.