SOLD - Reduced - 1999 Scamp 16' - $6000 - near Asheville, NC.

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SOLD - Reduced - 1999 Scamp 16' - $6000 - near Asheville, NC.




I have a nice 16' Scamp with bathroom for sale in Western NC near Asheville.  

I just bought the camper, intending to replace my 13', but decided I like the weight and cuteness of my 13' more, so I'm selling this one. 
It's a 1999 16' Scamp. 
The interior is in great shape, the outside needs a little love. 
Here's what I know about it: 
The gray water pipes leak under the camper. There's been a previous attempt at repair by caulking, but it still leaks onto the ground. 
Some type of plastic box has been rigged under front end. I don't know what it is for, but it has a hole in it. I believe it has something to do with drainage. 
Fridge vent on roof needs to be replaced. (replacement is $30 on ebay) Because the vent cover is missing, water has gotten inside where the workings are for the fridge and the wood under it has rotted. I'm talking about the area on the outside that you see when you open up the metal grille. 
Tires are old, but in good shape. Wheel hubs have just been greased this week. 
Fridge is questionable. I don't know how it or the stove work. There's no propane tank to check the stove. 
Does not have a door key. 
The plug that connects the camper lights to your vehicle will have to be replaced. It came undone when I was towing and drug on the ground, ruining the end of it. Before that happened, I was able to check lights and some worked, but others didn't. They may just need bulbs replaced. 
I tried the receptacle near the sink and it works and there's another light over the small dinette table and it works. There are other lights that look to be 12v. I wasn't able to try them. 
I didn't use the bathroom, so I can't say anything about it. 
Interior is in very good condition. Upholstery is great and all the rat fur and cabinets look good.
The inside of this camper looks really good. It's the outside that will need a few repairs. Roof looks great and there's even a bi-fold screen door!
With a little work, you would have a great camper, or you could sell it at a profit. 
I do have a title for it. 
Put up some curtains, fix the light plug and go camping! Use the campground bathroom until you fix the other stuff and you're good to go. :)

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Burnsville, NC