SOLD-1999 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17' - $12,500 - Asheville, NC

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SOLD-1999 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17' - $12,500 - Asheville, NC

We are letting go of our 1999 Casita Spirit Deluxe 17'. We have owned it for a few years and have decided to get a newer model. Overall its a good condition. We have taken a lot of pride in upgrading our "Casa Casita" but my wife was diagnosed with cancer and the kids decided that a great way to celebrate her recovery would be to get a new model. I obviously agree. 

Everything works (w the exception of 1 interior electrical outlet). Water heater (anode rod replaced annually), newer air conditioner, stove, furnace, refrigerator.

The good:

-Brand new Fiamma awning, ceiling fan, tongue jack, battery, and Dometic toilet. 

-Custom stained table top and counter cutting board

-No leaks or water damage

-Tires in good condition

Things I would replace if I had the time:

-Flooring (original).

-Kitchen faucet and shower (original).

-Back bumper hitch is cracked. The weight of a bike rack would concern me. 




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Asheville, NC