SOLD - 1999 17' Wide-Body Burro Travel Trailer - SOLD

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SOLD - 1999 17' Wide-Body Burro Travel Trailer - SOLD

We are selling our 1999 17' Wide-Body Burro Travel Trailer. We hoped this would be with us for life, but alas, we need to part with it in order to make some other financial moves. We lived in this camper for a full year and drove it all around the country. It is fully off-grid if you are open to some quirks. We purchased it from a lovely family in Virginia in 2017, and renovated it to make it a fully inhabitable home. We will send with it all of the extras we purchased for it but didn't get to or need (a new charge controller to more accurately determine how much charge the batteries have, a hand-held plunge clothes washer, a lo-fi but functional composting toilet set-up). Below I will try my best to list all the upgrades we made. This is a really special camper, and it still has a lot of life left. It can travel around the country for years to come. We left upstate NY in summer of 2019 and headed for New Mexico, and returned to upstate NY a year later--this August. Already we see that the NY humidity and winter is going to be hard on this camper. We really want to sell it before winter sets in. It's much better suited to the southern climates and the drier climates of out west, although of course you can take it anywhere you please!

It is lightweight--two layers of moulded fiberglass meet at a seam down the middle--and easy to tow, and easy to park. It is a wonderful adventure mobile.

- Two 200 watt solar panels installed on the roof, two 250ah deep-cycle AGM batteries, and a full solar system including inverter and charge controller. We redid all of the wiring--quite an endeavor given the curved, insulated sides!

- Custom woodwork--a lifted bed-frame for more storage, kitchen drawers, a butcher block counter, all new cabinet and drawer faces and hardware, a large closet (in the original model this is where the bathroom would go). This closet could easily get a door or curtain over the hanging clothes portion and become a bathroom. There are also three wood drawers that slide into the shelves which you are welcome to if you want. They are heavy, though. We were considering replacing them with wood fronts that hinged downward.

- New water system including a pump (and all the pieces that go with that) and double filtration system.

- Vintage enamelware bowl as sink and a cutting board cut-off from the counter that fits right in.

- Re-insulated and re-laid floor. It's a really beautiful shade of blue marmoleum, which is an eco-friendly lineoleum. Something we never got to was finishing the moulding around the floor, or the "floor shoe." Tough to come up with a solution for that space.

- Outdoor shower made of black PVC which we had mounted to our car's roof rack. You pressurize it with a bike pump and attach a hose. It works moderately well.

- Upgraded tires. The original model comes with 12" rims and we upgraded the tires to 13". They have seen a year's worth of wear but still look good. We have two un-used ones, complete with rims that we carried with us in case of flats.

- "Gutters" or rubber J rail over all windows. The windows are in excellent shape. They are large and provide beautiful views for all of those off-grid parking spots.

- We redid the center seam (it was an old vinyl pillow-type material) and installed overhead LED lights. The wood is a little wonky, so it might be something you would want to re-do, or just throw some more binding into.

- Portable gray-water tank. This might not be your thing, but it worked great for our purposes of off-grid life. It would be possible to put a gray water tank chained to the frame, as the fresh water tank is, but we didn't get to this. We also used two 7-gallon tanks that connected to the water line (we set it up so we could decide if we wanted to pull from one of these or from the attached fresh water tank--great if you don't want to take the whole camper to go refill, or awkwardly refill it without a hose).

- Dometic fridge, only eight months old. We purchased this after trying with another dorm fridge for a few months that drained the battery too much. This fridge is highly efficient and has a little freezer, so you can spend two weeks off-grid in the desert and still eat ice cream (we did this!).

- Custom awning using snaps, VHB tape, camping poles, and an REI tarp.

- The owners before us put in a custom-cut memory foam mattress and new cushions. We made a new dinette table, but it's still possible to turn it into a third sleeping place.

Not included is a camp stove. We pulled out the original camp stove because we wanted to mostly cook outside (which we did, and was wonderful because the cook grease was never inside our home). The propane lines can still run inside. There are two--one we used for a Little Buddy propane heater and the other we used for our camp stove.

We pulled this with a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 5.7 L Hemi engine. Fully loaded it was between 2500 and 3000 pounds. The max frame capacity is 3000 pounds.

It's possible that it might eventually need new batteries, but they aren't too expensive, unless you want to replace them with Lithium Ion. We are more than happy to be a resource if you should want that, as Chris did all the electricity himself, and Jill built all the woodwork. We were planning on replacing the fiberglass of the kitchen front with wood and rehanging the drawers (the bottom drawer needs a new drawer slide, which we have).

One of my favorite features of this camper is the screen-door and door. The door's lock is fully functional (Chris fixed it) and it swings open to hook on the side of the camper so that you can just have a screen door between you and whatever beautiful scenery you're parked in. All of the windows have screens as well.

Basically we built this like we were going to live in it for 5 years! And we could have, if other life stuff hadn't come up. It is so comfortable and so wonderful. We put in a lot of time and money to the remodel, but you could put in even more and have this be a truly full-season living situation.

We are happy to do a video tour with you if you are interested. We are asking $15,000 or best offer because of the custom woodwork, solar system, general upgrades, condition, and rarity.

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Wassaic, NY