SOLD - 1999 16' Casita Liberty Standard - $8500 - South Austin, TX

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SOLD - 1999 16' Casita Liberty Standard - $8500 - South Austin, TX

Price Reduced

Casita 1999 Liberty Standard

I purchased this Casita last year and began a total remodel/renovation on her. My goal was to use her up in the mountains, on the beach, and off the beaten path. Since I knew I would be towing her with my family in the car I wanted to make the Casita super safe on highways (not tip over, sway side to side in heavy winds, not blow a tire, not bounce around). This is one reason I got the Timbren Axles and Maxxis Tires. I also had the AC installed in the rear window instead of a bulky and expensive top mounted unit. This keeps down on drag (and fuel costs) when driving and it also reduces clearance so I can pull into tight spots anywhere. It is also great if you ever need to replace the AC (you won’t for a long time). You can pick one up anywhere and replace it yourself.

I purchased all the very best products for this remodel and had them professionally installed (by Motivated RV). I also wanted everything to be simple and easy to work on or replace if anything went wrong down the road. So I installed a cassette toilet instead of installing a permanent black water tank. I was concerned about freezing conditions if I was camping in the snow in the mountains and didn’t want any external water tanks that could freeze and crack. I also read some horror stories about propain in your RV so decided to make everything electric and use a generator to provide power when boondocking (living off the grid), I do have a solar panel and wiring harness that will go with the RV. I wanted my kids to be ultra-safe inside this thing.

Inside you have a king-size bed and the sofa in front turns into bunk beds. Since I knew almost all of the cooking would happen outside of the RV (except for the morning coffee and boiling water for dehydrated food) I did not see the need for a large cooking area (it is just a waste of space to me). You can see I have installed a large luxurious toilet/shower combo where the original cooktop was and put a sink in where the original closet was. I love camping and wanted this Casita to give a few creature comforts like a toilet and AC/Heat, not wasted space. I don’t understand the Casitas that have cooking but no toilet. I also could not stand the original door handle and lock so I had a custom fiberglass inlet installed that would take a new model RV handle and latch/lock (it is much better now).

So why am I selling her? I, unfortunately, have to sell the Casita as I will not able to use her for many years now. We are expecting our second child and my wife has no plans on camping over the next 9 months. I also suspect we won’t do any camping for a few years after our next child is born. And to top it off I could use the funds for our house remodel. I have approximately $12k invested in this Casita (original purchase, parts, and labor). So I hate to see her sit in a driveway for 3+ years. She will make a fine toy for someone else and I will expect whoever purchases her to send me some pictures of her roaming out in the great wilderness.

What’s New
New Timbren Axle-Less Independent suspension with brakes.
New Aluminum Rims (lightweight and will not rust)
New Tires – Maxxis M8008
New Battery – VMAX Solar (deep cycle battery).
New Electrical Panel (Converter/Charger Power Center) – WCFO WF-8935ECB
New Electrical Plug/Cord – 30 Amp
New Exterior Plug Inlet cover
New Plumbing – PEX throughout
New Water heater – Ecosmat POU 6
New Water Pump – Seaflo Diaphragm Self Priming 3.0 Gallon
New Water Inlet (For external hose)
New Exterior Gravity Water Fill Inlet
New Toilet – Thetford C220 Cassette Toilet
New Shower – Thetford shower pan with Professional installed walls (powder coated Aluminum).
New Shower Faucet – Dura RV Shower faucet
New Shower Head – Oxygenics ETL 26781
New Sink – Houzer CS-1307 Stainless
New AC Unit with mount
New Vent – Fan-Tastic Vent 1250 Series 3 Speed
New Vent - For bathroom
New Curtains
New Latches for front window cover – Original from Casita
New Door latch - (with custom fiberglass fabrication to fit a new door handle. The original Casita handles were terrible).
New Porch Light – Kohreen LED
New Wood Subfloor – CDX ¾ plywood
New Vinyl flooring – waterproof
New Exterior Screw Caps throughout – Original parts from Casita
New Tail Lights - Original from Casita

Stuff to finish
Need to Finish out the countertop for the sink (everything works and is hooked up but currently the countertop is just plywood).
Get an According shower curtain/door (or whatever door you would like).
Mount for the spare tire (You could just keep it in the truck. My plan was to mount it to the back)>
Hook up Solar
Purchase an Inverter/Generator if you plan on doing camping off-grid.
Get an electric Heater (We use a plug-in space heater).