SOLD - 1998 Scamp 16' - $14,999 - Milwaukee, WI

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SOLD - 1998 Scamp 16' - $14,999 - Milwaukee, WI

Bought this cool trailer last fall with the plan of taking it across the country on a long road trip. It worked out great for our little family to live in for about a month and we will be sad to see it go to a new home. The fridge runs on propane and electric. I was surprised at how little propane it took to keep all our food cold and couldn't have been happier with it. I switched all the house bulbs to LED to get more out the battery. Currently only a regular lead acid battery, buyer might consider upgrading to deep cycle or lithium. Although the regular lead acid battery worked well enough for us since it got charged when we drove (which was most days). We didn't use the plumbing (gray or black) on our trip, but the water pump did work to send RV antifreeze throughout the system when I parked it for the winter and does run when you flip the switch. Stove works great. Heater keeps it nice and toasty when needed and the a/c is excellent when you're hooked up to power. The hot water heater works too. All major systems good. I just replaced the tires with new, balanced radials, including the spare. This is scamps layout 5. I am happy to answer any other questions, I will be more responsive to text than calls. Serious inquiries only please.