SOLD - 1997 13' Casita Patriot Standard - $10,500 - Berkeley, CA

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SOLD - 1997 13' Casita Patriot Standard - $10,500 - Berkeley, CA

I am selling my beloved 13-foot, 1997 fiberglass Casita Patriot. Her name is “Blanca.”

Blanca is super lightweight at 1800 lbs dry. I pull her with my 6-cylinder Toyota without a problem. She is clean, in decent condition considering her age (she does have some nicks and scuffs here and there, but nothing awful), and she's completely watertight and ready to roll on your next adventure.


⎯Double burner propane stove/5 gallon propane tank

⎯Sink with 15-gallon internal freshwater tank

⎯Ice box (no refrigerator)

⎯New tires with less than 1,000 miles

⎯Café table and seats make into a large twin bed with enough space for 1 medium-size person or possibly two small people, or a small adult and a child. (I always kept it made out into a bed so I could store items beneath.)

--Bench seating with storage beneath

⎯Deep cell battery, 2 years old


⎯Brand-new locking toolbox on trailer tongue


⎯Half-length mirror and shelving in closet

⎯Extra-long indoor/outdoor extension cord for 120 electrical plug-in

⎯Some LED indoor lighting.

⎯Hands-free, foot-operated water pump for kitchen sink with my “unique” spigot rig!


She could use a new front window in the future because there is a small crack in the current plexiglass one. However, it has been repaired just fine for 2 years with some badass waterproof sealant tape. A better door lock is in her future as well (it locks brilliantly from the outside, but not from the inside). My friends call me crazy, but that has never bothered me.

Finally: For full disclosure, although I waxed and sealed her religiously every year to keep the outer gel-coat as nice as possible, a couple weeks ago I parked beneath some trees in Berkeley which left small droplets of sap on the rooftop that stained it, unfortunately. You cannot see it from the ground. I just discovered this yesterday when I was at the carwash up on a portable ladder. Fairly minor and cosmetic, but still. Bummer.

Price: $10,500 FIRM. Serious inquiries only, PLEASE. Cash ONLY. No wire transfers. 

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Berkeley, CA