EXPIRED LISTING - 1996 17ft Casita Freedom Deluxe - $15,000 - Del Valle, TX

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1996 17ft Casita Freedom Deluxe - $15,000 - Del Valle, TX

Imagine owning ANYTHING that never rusts. That's what has separated Casita travel trailers from all others from the very beginning. Because they're crafted in fiberblass even poor maintenance can't hurt the shell. So despite the fact that mine is a 1996 Casita Freedom Deluxe 17-footer it's as sound and solid as the day it came off the assembly line.

We spared no horses renovating it. The floor was torn out and replaced with 3/4" pressure treated lumber and topped of by a beautiful quarter-inch winter gray laminate, interlocking floor. The camper's only shortcoming is that it needs a new set of hinges for the freezer door of the refrigerator; otherwise, everything else is sound, solid and works.

If you're a history buff or a carpenter, etc., and want the whole renovation, here it is:
+ New 3/4" pressure-treated flooring
+ Above was laid over the top of the existing 3/8" flooring so as not to disturb the fiberglass underbelly.
+ Additional steel struts were added to the chassis for better connectinng of the new flooring.
+ The Winter Gray interlocking laminate mentioned above was then overlaid.
+ The axle ends were then rebuilt to include a new electronic braking system and brake pads
+ 2 new trailer tires were mounted as well as a new spare at the rear of the Casita.
+ New sewer hoses and hose container were mounted just behind the propane tanks on the tongue of the Casita.
+ Outer metal was painted with black rust-preventative paint.
+ Most interior lights were replace (LED; q balance of both type bulbs remains to make interior lighting more natural).
+ A commercial grade weight-distribution device is available for when you travel
+ A roller wheel is available for attaching to the Casita trailer tongue stand

FREEBIES: (These get thrown in with the deal)
+ Full size 11 1/2" foam bed!
+ 2-stage Propane Regulator
+ 330-Amp Surge Guard
+ TasePure Water Filter system
+ Lead-Free Water Meter (controls water flow into the Casita as a precaution)
+ Flexible Water Hose Connection
+ TV
+ TV Antenna (for "free air reception")
+ New door-lock assembly
+ Accordion Snake for setting sewer hose when draining black and gray tanks

The title is 100% clear. You purchase this Casita AS IS with no warranties. Casita is NOT INSURED when it leaves my presmises.