SOLD - 1994 Scamp 13Foot Layout 1 $7500 In-Progress Project - Moab, Utah

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SOLD - 1994 Scamp 13Foot Layout 1 $7500 In-Progress Project - Moab, Utah

My loss is your gain: I’m selling my 1994 Scamp 13 foot, layout 1. I bought this rig in COVID-19 times, started working on it, and got a new job 2 months ago which has left me no free time for this project. The price includes all of the materials I bought for the trailer, described below. Price for all is $7,500. 

  • 1994 Scamp 13 foot, layout 1 (with front bunk beds, no bathroom, no air conditioner, no heater)
  • Title: Clear
  • Frame: Original and good condition, some surface rust
  • Axle: Original and good condition
  • Wheels and tires: New in fall 2020
  • Fiberglass shell: Fully intact and in excellent condition, save for open holes where the awning used to be attached and the city water connection was.
  • Gel coat: Original and good condition. In the shape you’d expect for a 27-year-old trailer where the paint hasn’t been up kept over time. Overall it’s chalky on appearance with small paint cracks where UV has damaged it and a few pressure cracks. 
  • Interior headliner/“rat fur:” Original and good condition, though there are plenty of stains around and below the front and back windows from them leaking. It needs a good shampooing and upon testing a section, I found it cleans up really nicely. 
  • Rivets, rivet caps, and acorn nuts: All rivets in place and don’t appear to leak, all acorn nuts in place, about half of caps missing.
  • Plywood subfloor: Overall in excellent condition with about half of it replaced. In my opinion, some small fiberglass work needs to be done to fully reseal/reconnect the subfloor to the fiberglass shell in a few spots. Also IMO, the subfloor below where the fridge sat is still original and needs a small section replaced.
  • Windows: Front plexiglass window is out and needs to be replaced. Rear window is intact but leaks, needs gasket replaced. 2 side windows are intact and do not leak.
  • Interior furniture: In excellent shape and gel coat paint job is in good condition. However, half of the furniture has been sanded and prepped for painting. All furniture doors in great condition and hardware fully functional.
  • Interior cushions: Original and good condition. There are almost no stains, though there’s UV discoloration in a couple of spots.
  • Door: Door and its window in excellent condition. Door stays closed when driving and living, but has small bottom opening due to the door’s curve and hinges relaxing over time. Door handle is new, hinges are original.
  • Roof vent/escape hatch: Original and okay condition. It works without leaking but has crack in cover that's been resealed and the cover is discolored. 
  • Project status: Most of the interior is pulled out, and my intention was to re-rig it for offgrid/boondocking life. This means that I removed the original water system, including the sink, hand pump, tubing, and freshwater tank. I still have all this save the tubing, though I’d planned to replace the faucet, tubing, and freshwater tank and recommend you should, too. The rest of it is in excellent condition. I also removed the propane stove top system, including the stove top, copper piping, rubber piping, regulator, propane tank, and propane tank holder. I still the stove top, propane tank, and propane tank holder and they are all in excellent condition, but the regulator and piping need to be replaced. The electrical and lighting system, which includes traffic lights and wiring, 12v and 120V wiring, 1 x 120v light, 2 x 12v lights, and a power box are all pulled out, disposed of, and need to be replaced to your specs. I pulled the original fridge out and it worked when I did so, though I'd planned to replace it with a 12v fridge. I have the original fridge if you want it. The plywood “stringers”/“tabs” upon which the front and back benches sat are partially removed due to water damage from leaking front and back windows, as is the plywood piece that screws into and is fiberglassed into the back wall to hold the dining table and its hardware. Thus, parts of the stringers and the table plywood need to be remade and reglassed in place. 
  • Included new supplies: Multiple fiberglassing supplies for fixing interior stringers and table “stringer.” Multiple gel coat restoration supplies for restoring exterior gel coat.  New Scamp exterior decals. 2 pints of marine paint for interior fiberglass furniture. All supplies for wiring traffic lights including 2 new tailights. New front plexiglass window and rubber gasket. New gasket for rear window. New hinges for door. New rivets, caps, and acorn nuts for full replacement around trailer. New insulation and spray adhesive to place behind headliner once the stringers are repaired. New carpet. New interior lights that are rechargeable battery LEDs. New rechargable battery faucet and water tubing. 

Included photos show the trailer fully put together, and everything you see in those photos is included except the curtains and 2 throw pillows. Other photos show the rig in its current status pulled apart.

Ultimately, this is a project that would take a handy person perhaps 3 dedicated weeks to bring back to excellent condition, IMO. 

The trailer is safe to drive as is, though you’ll need temporary traffic lights, a 1 7/8 inch hitch ball, perhaps a way to cover the open front window space depending on how far you’re driving/weather, and padding to protect the unattached furniture pieces and larger items for travel.

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Moab, Utah