1991 Casita 16' Sleeps 3 - $5000 - Boise, ID

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1991 Casita 16' Sleeps 3 - $5000 - Boise, ID

This was a project trailer that I bought in extremely rough shape. These are the things we have done:

  • completely gutted interior
  • patched exterior holes
  • sealed exterior
  • painted hitch
  • rewired brake lights
  • replaced roof cap
  • new subfloor
  • new faux wood flooring
  • new sink and counter
  • replaced cushions
  • tore out old carpet walls and replaced with corkfoam with extra insulation in some places
  • added electrical exterior plug and connected to interior outlets
  • new fridge
  • installed shelves
  • brand new tires and spare
  • door and lock works but I would recommend replacing handle soon

This rig is very basic but that is the way I wanted it, less to go wrong. We used an instant pot, electric skillet, and propane grill to cook. We used an electric heater and it heated the space no problem. It does have a faucet with a water filter and works when hooked up to exterior water and a pump could be added. I still have the water storage that came with it. Email questions to rainbowcasita(at)gmail(dot)com and you can get the phone number from there. Can be used to camp in right away or be further renovated to your hearts content. 

* I have had many questions about the bubbling of the wall and possible water damage. The non flat look of the wall covering is because of the round shape of the casita, not because of water. Also this is emphasized in pictures because of shadowing and is less noticable in real life. I covered the walls with my children's artwork and hung hats/bags etc so it was a non issue. Because of the insolation properties of the cork foam, new carpet could be hung right on top of it if that was the desired look.

The mattress doesn't sag, it is the fabric

The bubbles are NOT water damage. It is due to the curvature of the walls.

Fridge bought new and only used a few months

Trailer Location: 

Boise, ID