1991 16ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $6500 - Hazlehurst, GA

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1991 16ft Casita Spirit Deluxe - $6500 - Hazlehurst, GA

UPDATED 2/19/2020 Still Available!

I am selling my 1991 Casita Spirit Deluxe model camper. It is a 16ft camper and as best as I can tell weighs between 1500-1750lb dry. As it is vintage, it is not “factory” or “stock”. Several changes and modifications have been necessitated over the years. This model has a rear dinette that converts to a nearly full-sized bed. Side storage bench seat (not dinette, though can easily be modified into a dinette) that doubles as an almost twin-size bed, wet-bath with toilet, sink, and shower; kitchenette with microwave, electric fridge, propane stove, and sink, closet, interior A/C (not rooftop) that blows very cold. 

Repairs/modifications that have been made: 

• sub-floor replacement and repair with water resistant flooring grade ¾ inch plywood topped with waterproof wood-look vinyl. Still needs molding installed around fixtures

• all-new trailer connection wiring

• new wiring, fuses, and light fixtures where needed throughout

• new marine-grade battery

• new two-way dump valve and plumbing to toilet

• burnt-up water heater removed and compartment sealed - all pipes and wiring intact for reinstall, or area can be used for storage

• side dinette converted into bench with storage. Does not currently function as a dinette but could easily be modified into a dinette (comes with table and hardware) or could be modified into bunk beds like the heritage model; I had plans to replace with stock fiberglass benches if I could find them used/for sale but haven't had any luck yet. 

• cabinet doors sealed, painted, and covered with contact paper "birch trees". Contact paper is removable if you don't like the look. Some scuffs and scratches do exist on the painted surfaces of cabinets. Cabinet hinges replaced throughout trailer. Original latches preserved where possible, but some doors still need latches; those are currently kept closed with heavy duty velcro. 

• Brand new spare tire

• Awning removed, holes patched, sealed, and painted over. If you look for them, you can see where they were painted but it's a close match. The entire trailer could use at minimum a sanding/waxing and at best could use a coat of paint. 

• New rear dinette table cut and painted

• New custom cut "divider" wall between rear dinette and side dinette; made of high-quality cedar plank and left "unfinished" because it smells wonderful. You could seal it or paint it as you wish, but I chose to leave it. 

• New rubber seal around doorway entry installed 

• All upper rivets replaced over kitchennette with stainless steel bolts 

• Yellowed plastic trim around kitchenette replaced with new white trim

• Broken fresh water tank fill valve replaced with new valve from Casita factory

• Propane tanks removed and replaced with heavy duty storage bin; all propane lines intact and hardware will come with the trailer in case you'd like to replace tanks

• Stove cover sanded and painted

Current problems/issues that still need to be addressed:

• Exterior door latch needs replaced. I have parts on hand, and they will come with the trailer if I don't get this install done prior to selling. 

• Black rubber weather stripping around exterior door needs replacing; I have the trim on hand to do this job and if I don't get it done prior to sale, the trim will come with the camper so you can do it 

• Molding/trim around furniture and fixtures needs to be installed. This is a cosmetic/aesthetic issue and you may choose not to bother as I have done

• Some cabinets still need new latches; currently secured with velcro closures 

• Water heater replacement 

Please email with any questions. The camper is currently located in HAZLEHURST, GA. I do not live there, but I can arrange for it to be shown to you by my father. I will not arrange to show you the camper unless you have a serious interest in buying. The camper is usable as is, but with a few more upgrades and repairs would really be an awesome trailer. I purchased it a couple years ago and am the third owner, with the PO having it for over 20 years. 

A note about purchasing: I took out a small loan to purchase this camper and a used vehicle. The camper title is in possession of the bank (also located in Hazlehurst, GA) because the loan is not fully paid off. If you are interested in purchasing this camper, you must be willing to complete the purchase through the bank. You would pay the bank directly and they would transfer the title and mail the title to you. You must be willing to complete the purchase in this manner. I'm a student with student loans and am selling the camper because I no longer have the time or resources to continue to renovate. 


This camper does not have an awning but did previously. Holes have been sealed and painted over. The awning was destroyed in a storm and I realized afterward that this camper tows WAY better without the awning - much less sway. Go awningless and get a Clam shelter. The following two photos show both sides of the exterior of the camper.

The following three photos show the interior. You can visualize the updated cabinets, the new divider wall, and the painted stove in these photos. You'll see the window seat/bench that doubles as a long storage bin. Also shown is the rear dinette made into a bed. 

More interior photos below. There are no curtains or blinds. I have reflectix clipped up on the windows to deflect heat and light. 

Below photo shows location of water heater prior to removal, new battery, capped pipes. 

Below photo shows a small crack in the fiberglass above the refridgerator compartment. 

The next two photos show the shower/wetbath area. 

Below photo shows new doorway trim and visualizes the entryway of the camper 

Email and/or Phone: 


Trailer Location: 

Hazlehurst, GA


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Still Available to puchase

UPDATE: We have confirmed with the seller as of 2/19/20 that the trailer is still available to purchase.

- Admin

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Casita Camper

Hi, I am interested in your camper if you still have it for sale. I emailed you, but wasnt sure if it came through or not. If you dont mind can you let me know either way. I would like to come and look at it. 



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Major Updates 2/19/2020

I have continued to renovate the camper since the original listing. Some majore updates and improvements have been made. As of 2/19/2020 the camper is still available. The listing has been updated to reflect all changes. Interior and exterior photos all updated to show current condition of the camper. Please read the ENTIRE listing before emailing. Thanks! 

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2000 16' Casita

Hi I am in Greenville SC and am intrested in possibly coming to look at it. Is it still for sale ?


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Hey  still have your trailer

Hey  still have your trailer for sale?

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