EXPIRED LISTING - 1991 13’ Scamp w/ bathroom - $10,500 - Kenton, Portland, OR

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EXPIRED LISTING - 1991 13’ Scamp w/ bathroom - $10,500 - Kenton, Portland, OR

I’ve got a 13' Scamp trailer for sale in Portland, OR. I recently bought this with big plans to travel, but unfortunately plans changed and I’m no longer able to. Figured it should go to someone that will actually give it the life it deserves.

A few things to note:
There is a custom stainless steal frame that was built for this scamp and lifted for extra adventure needs — you’ll notice the clearance is higher than your average Scamp and the tires are larger. The previous owners had storage mounted to the back along with an external outlet, so you’ve got a platform that sticks out an extra couple feet. You can see in the pics I threw a couple bikes up there. There are strap hooks on all four corners for easy mounting. There’s also a stainless steel box to store belongings in the front by the propane.

Previous owner also installed LV flooring by the kitchen so you don’t get wet, muddy carpet when you walk in with your boots.

Everything works although I've never
personally used the shower or toilet. I’ve tested the water pump and it works fine, but the plumbing to the bathroom is currently disconnected. It’s all still there and would just need to be hooked back up.

Stove top, fridge, lights etc all in working order.

Future needs for scamp:
-Small drip by toilet so plumbing has been
disconnected. It looks like it just needs a new hose clamp.
-Outside vent for stove was broken by previous owner. Still works, and I have a new vent but have not attached. Dry storage is probably best until that’s replaced as rain could probably blow in through the side.
-The vent cover on top has been replaced but I don’t think it’s the original one. It works to keep water out just fine, but I think you could get a better one. Previous owner didn’t have one on there but stored it under cover I guess.

IMPORTANT: you’ll have to haul it! I don’t have a vehicle properly equipped right now, so you’ll need to tow it. The wiring connection is an old school 6-way round — Google it to make sure you can make it work first. I know there are adapters so you can wire it to whatever rig you have.