SOLD - 1990 13' Casita Patriot Standard - $4,000 - Hillsborough, NC

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SOLD - 1990 13' Casita Patriot Standard - $4,000 - Hillsborough, NC

Before you get too excited, this camper was stripped of most of its original components by the previous owner, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call it a project camper, it could become one. It does not have a stove, or a sink, or a potable water system, nor does it have a refrigerator or a heater—and it never had a bathroom or shower of any kind (no winterizing!). It does have a retrofitted room type air conditioner that works quite well to cool the small interior space of the camper. It is effectively a light weight (easily towable at around 1700 lbs) bed on wheels with a few amenities that I’ve added.

The main larger bed is created by reconfiguring the rear dinette and it does have a smaller bed up front for a child or small adult, so technically it sleeps three people, but practically speaking it is best suited for a couple or even better for a solo camper. I typically leave the dinette configured as a bed and it comes with a UTTU Mattress Topper Full, 3-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Dual-Layer Cooling Bed Topper, Red Respira Foam Firm Topper, Soft Washable Cover, CertiPUR-US (Full Size) ( description). The mattress is a little too big for the bed space but is usable and could be cut to size if you wanted to do so.

I installed two VMAX SLR155 AGM 12V 155ah Deep Cycle SLA Rechargeable Batteries ( description) in series that are about five years old and still hold a charge nicely and an AIMS Power PICOGLF20W12V120VR 2000 Watt and 6000 Watt Surge 12 V DC Input to 120 VAC Output Pure Sine Inverter ( description) that utilizes the battery bank to power 120 VAC appliances. A VMAXTANKS BC1215 12V 15A Fully Automatic Smart Charger for the battery bank and a small low power microwave designed to run sparingly off the battery bank are included in the sale. You can run an efficient marine type 12V portable refrigerator off the battery bank for about four days, with occasional microwave usage. You can also run some interior lights and charge a phone off grid through the inverter and battery bank. Of course, the camper can be connected to 30-amp shore power available at most campgrounds. Shore power would be needed to recharge the battery bank using the included AC charger. The battery bank is not wired to recharge off the tow vehicle.

I put these on this past summer…2-Pack Radial Trailer Tire On Rim ST175/80R13 13 in. LRC 5 Lug White Spoke Wheel ( description), so you’ve got nice new tires come Spring. It does include a decent spare tire mounted on the back of the camper. I replaced the grease seal and repacked ONE of the wheel bearings (driver’s side) with fresh grease last summer.

Some specs that I know…The overall exterior length of the camper from tongue to bumper is 13’ 4” (add another 9 or 10 inches for the rear mounted spare tire), the exterior width at the widest point is 6’, the outside height is just over 7’ at the highest protrusion point on the roof. The maximum interior height is 5’ 10” at the center and tapers off some toward the front and back (but you can’t stand in those areas anyway due to the beds). The interior width is 76”. The larger, two-person bed space measures 76” x 46” and the smaller one-person bed space measures 76’ x 27”. I think it was originally sold as bunk beds in the front, but no longer has that capability. As stated earlier, I believe it weighs in around 1700 pounds. It has a platform and a lockable box built onto the A-frame of the tongue for storage and it has a manual tongue jack. The battery bank is located under the dinette/bed in the back. The camper has a 7-pin connector and you may need a 7-pin to 4-pin adapter to connect the electrical to your car. The camper has a 2” coupler requiring the same size ball on the ball mount (trailer hitch) that fits into the receiver attached to the tow vehicle.

I’ve been happy with the camper and its utilitarian features. My biggest joy was using the camper for a whirlwind cross country national park tour with my two young kids back in 2016. Towed it with a 2015 Subaru Outback without issue and we were out and living in this for about a month enjoying nature. I’ve also used it locally and around the state quite a bit since then without any major problems.

Known issues? Well, it is over 30 years old and the interior materials like carpet, cabinets, and wall and ceiling furring (yes, there is carpet all over the inside—look up Casitas if you don’t know about this) are original as are the seat cushions and covers. Vintage, if you will, but not in the greatest condition. The exterior shell paint and graphics are not pristine, the wooden front exterior storage box platform should be replaced soon. The wiring for the exterior lights (running lights, marker lights, tail and brake lights, etc.) can be glitchy at times, so I've included an auxiliary set of tail/brake/blinker lights. Just being honest here. I lost most of the roof exhaust fan somewhere in Texas, so it is now just a covered opening that requires some annual waterproofing work to keep from leaking. The front window has a crack in it that will allow water in when towing in heavy rain.

Remember this is a bare bones camping set up, not for the glamping crowd for sure, but it is a cute little camper that can be used as is and towed with nearly anything to give you a step up from tent camping.

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I have the title and payment needs to be in cash.