1989 Casita 16' restoration project - $4,500 starting Dutch Sale - Lake Wales, FL

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1989 Casita 16' restoration project - $4,500 starting Dutch Sale - Lake Wales, FL

Selling my 1989 Casita project. The body is solid as is the frame. Where the frame comes down in the front and meets the level frame I had a gusset welded there to reinforce that area. The frame is solid there but this is only a precautionary measure as this is a stress point.. There is no skylight. The floor needs replaced as the carpet on walls may need replacing also but may be able to be scrubbed and dyed (?) All of the windows are good but am sure it will need new rubber around them. All of the fiberglass cabinets have been removed and are in good shape with the exception of the wood doors.. It has new hubs and bearings.. The hubs are designed for brake pads and do not have the guts installed but can be installed later with not much effort if you decide to have brakes. I pulled it over 1000 miles to get it home and it tows like a charm with a Dodge Caravan, V6. Restoration is mostly labor. Ones like this restored are going for 12-14K.

This is being offered as  a Dutch Sale. This means that the price will drop each week until sold. Below is price schedule for the Dutch Sale.

Price is $4,500 until May 6 then $4,250 until May 13 then $4,000 until May 20, then $3,750 until May 17, then $3,500 until May 24 and so on until sold.

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Lake Wales, FL


$4.500 Dutch Sale