SOLD - 1989 19' Scamp 5th Wheel - Ebay $6300 - Union Grove, WI

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SOLD - 1989 19' Scamp 5th Wheel - Ebay $6300 - Union Grove, WI

1989 Scamp 19. This is a great camper that needs a little work—or a lot if you want to really personalize it. This thing is 31 years old and has had plenty of use and the last owner lived in it for two years before I became the owner about a year ago. 

What it NEEDS is a fiberglass patch at the left front corner, as seen there’s a riveted patch that needs to be removed. Inside that area it also needs some flooring replaced. The only other area besides that on the floor needing to be addressed is the right rear behind the fresh water tank. ALL the rivet snap-caps/retainers need replacement (I have them already). I also have new decals and stainless exterior hardware from Scamp. The front main window needs the seal replaced-which I also have and it may be installed before sold. Separate of those NEEDS—are the following things a potential buyer should know-

The previous owner liked candles and there’s soot visible on the walls and ceiling-the ceiling covering also needs to be re-glued in places. I used some fabric cleaner and some of the soot was wiping clean. The gelcoat outside is old-and should be redone-either in white or you can color it whatever your dreams desire. There is no dinette table-only the brackets and support leg. The cushion covers are present-but are worn badly on the dinette cushions. I have all the cushion foam which is perfectly fine. The over can bed cushions and covers are good and clean-but it would be easiest to either make new custom covers or order them from Scamp to match throughout the cabin if desired. The bathroom is not in use and is dirty from the window being left open (will be cleaned this week). Otherwise the interior hard parts are in really good shape. I’ve not used the gas supply, 12v power or plumbing and cannot certify their condition. The current wheels are 14” and can be removed for a buyer who wants the standard 13” wheels. The current wheel offset will require some fiberglass trimming-I’ll do that for a buyer-if desired. 

Any interested (truly interested) parties should know the camper is located in Union Grove, Wi. I have the title and also the 5th wheel setup for your pickup. I will deliver within 200 miles for an agreed upon cost after payment is received. I encourage any interested parties to come look at it. I will continue to work on it myself as the weather permits-or will make repairs for a buyer and the price may be adjusted upwards. For everyone who wonder why it’s being sold- we bought a bigger camper-that can be towed by my suburban rather than a truck-so this “project” is up for loving adoption. Anyone who wants to chat can call me direct (phone# in ebay ad.)

As with every used item that travels down the road that I buy “as-is”, so is this sale. No warrantees or guarantees of any kind are offered unless contracted otherwise. 


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