SOLD - 1988 17' Bigfoot Trailer -$4000 - Oregon Coast

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SOLD - 1988 17' Bigfoot Trailer -$4000 - Oregon Coast

After much agonizing, I am selling my 1988 17-ft Bigfoot DLX. I am the second owner; my parents were the first.

It is functional and camping-ready, but certainly not pristine at almost 32 years old. Many things are original, and some things need attention or replacement. I am disclosing the problems that I am aware of that are not obvious in the pictures (see Needs Attention below). The main issue is water damage around windows and the storage cubby under one of the benches in the dining area.

The Bigfoot is licensed in Oregon, but the tag expired in 2016. For $33, proof of insurance, and some other requirements, you can purchase a Recreational Vehicle Trip Permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles that is valid for 10 days, allowing you to tow it home legally.

The Bigfoot is being sold “As-Is.” It is easy to view; you pick up (southern Oregon Coast). $4,000 USD; cash only, no trades.


  • It's a Bigfoot!
  • Clear title in hand.
  • All original manuals included.
  • The 4-burner stove and oven are fully functional.
  • Bathroom with shower is fully functional.
  • Optional 28-gallon fresh water tank instead of standard 23-gallon.
  • New deep-cycle battery in 2013. Still strong and is kept fully charged.
  • New tires in 2013, including the spare. The spare has never been used and is protected by Bigfoot's optional fiberglass and chrome cover. The other 2 tires have always been covered and have less than 700 miles on them.
  • Two 20-lb. propane bottles protected by fiberglass cover. Bottles are 5 years old. New couplers/connectors in 2018.
  • Heavy-duty dead bolt on entry door.
  • All window and door screens in great shape.
  • Main roof vent has shroud to keep out rain when open; new vent lid in 2019.
  • Furnace works great.
  • Full-length plate-glass mirror installed to replace the shorter mirror on bathroom door.
  • Dark brown carpet added for extra warmth. It is not permanently attached and is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Trailer exterior has been recently washed and waxed. Interior walls, cupboards, drawers, etc. have also been scrubbed. The carpet has also been cleaned.
  • Leveling jacks, fresh-water hose, sewer hose, and miscellaneous parts included.


  • Water heater thermostat, 2018.
  • Propane regulator with automatic change-over, 2017.
  • Propane pigtail connectors, 2019.
  • Electric brakes, 2013.
  • Kitchen and bath faucets, 2013.
  • Original interior light bulbs with LEDs, 2016.
  • Wheel bearings repacked, 2013.

Needs Attention:

  • The original 2.9 cubic-foot Dometic refrigerator needs a new cooling unit (approx. $550 from Amazon). Replaced with a 2.4 cubic-foot free-standing electric fridge in 2017, which is included.
  • Bathroom roof vent needs re-caulking or replacing.
  • Stove vent needs repair or replacing.
  • No awning, but upper mounting rail is intact.
  • The stainless-steel stovetop cover has a broken hinge on one side. It still folds up and down; just needs a bit of assistance.


Several years ago my Dad had a run-in with a tree, and a limb punched a hole thru the fiberglass (see 1st pic below). It's about 5"x5". This view is underneath the dining area bench where the storage cubbies are The second pic below is the adjacent cubby. My Dad fixed it at the time, but it needs re-doing. It's caused water damage on both sides of the walls under there and probably the floor, too.

The next photo shows the patch my Dad made for the tree limb hole. There's also a smaller one above it.

The fiberglass on 2 corners of the roof is spidering.

As a result, there is some water damage inside of cupboards. The next 2 photos show it pretty clearly.

The next photo is a shot of the roof, which is in surprisingly good shape for 32 yrs. old. The black marks are debris from the trees.

The next photo shows another bad spot. This is right under the big window above the stove and sink, and definitely needs attention. Don't know how bad it is, sorry.

The next photos shows some rust.

Trailer Location: 

Southern Oregon Coast