SOLD - 1987 13' Uhaul Camper - Stoddard, WI

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SOLD - 1987 13' Uhaul Camper - Stoddard, WI

This is a U-haul fiberglass camper (not Scamp) We bought it on e-bay last summer and used it a lot last fall. We have too much going on this year and we want something a little bigger. The shell is roughly 10 feet long by 7 feet wide. Overall length is about 14 feet. Inside height is 73 inches. Sleeps 3 with a dinette in the back that converts to a bed and then a couch across the front. We bought this because it is very light (estimate less than 1000 pounds) and tows easily, and there is no wood to rot if something gets wet. No leaks. It is very similar to Scamp fiberglass campers but is built a little bit heavier. it has a double hull construction with a layer of gel-coated fiberglass on the inside as well, and a larger front window. We only used it to sleep in as we love to cook over a fire. The lights work and there is one outlet in it that we used to plug in a fan.  There is a 2 burner stove, but we never bought a propane tank and hooked it up. There is room under the sink to store water so it can be pumped or hooked up to a hose.  There is a place for a porta-potty under  the front couch. The cover for the front window did not come with it. Honestly please do your own research as that is about all I know. I know these were only made for a few years but i am not exactly sure what years. 



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Stoddard, Wisconsin