1986 Uhaul CT-13 - Original Gem - $11,500 - Rochester, NY

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Ron Manley
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1986 Uhaul CT-13 - Original Gem - $11,500 - Rochester, NY

We are looking to upgrade to the almighty Airstream and selling our beloved camping machine we've owned for 14 years. 

Registered to me with title in hand and ready for pickup.

Frame in great condition and underside is clean with only minor/usual surface rust here and there we have always stored her indoors/dry. Fiberglass encased wood flooring in great shape no soft spots or compromises. 

Full kit of original cushions are in beautiful condition no stains or odors. Modular system allows a perfect setup for dinette/bed as well as the bench/bunk bed all work perfect. I am just under 6' tall and I can stretch my legs straight in the bed setup with a little room to spare.

All electric and lights (inside and out) functioning. The coveted Original taillights are in great shape as well. In addition I have 2 replacement taillight covers that I purchased for 80$ a few years ago from a member of the uhaul forum that was making them himself and selling to members. 

Gelcoat in good condition only a few small blemishes (spider cracks etc. see pics) on exterior and immaculate on interior with few small drill holes in closet from previous owner.

All original windows intact with screens on 3 and one is a push out emergency exit. I've always wanted to replace the seals someday they are comprimised from age see closeup pics. Bonus is we have the front window stoneguard (rare) and in great condition.

We worked to keep most everything original so it is still a "primitive" camper in that the fridge is an ice box with drain for melting ice. We've enjoyed the freedom of camping anywhere and not requiring electric hookup. Purchased a new deep cycle battery in 2018 and have always stored on a battery tender off season. Original converter functions. Original solar panel works great and can even run the overhead fan if sun is out. Swamp cooler still available/functioning but we replaced with a new Maxxfan for better light and airflow works wonderfully. Kitchen faucet and sink functioning. Propane stove all burners function perfect. Propane furnace left intact/original, clicks when i turn up thermostat but will not fire up I  didn't try messing with anything on that. Original Bargman door handle is functioning with 2 keys. Never in an accident. 

Only serious inquiries and no low-balling please. Advertised locally as well. 

Thanks for looking - Happy Camping!!


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Rochester, NY