SOLD - 1986 UHaul CT-13 Camper - Hickory, NC - on Ebay ends 2/12

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SOLD - 1986 UHaul CT-13 Camper - Hickory, NC - on Ebay ends 2/12

SOLD FOR $6700

An original unmodified U-Haul CT-13 Camper Trailer.

This trailer was built in Oct. 1985 and was titled as a 1986. It has a clear Florida title and was purchased in central Florida about 6 years ago. It is ready for camping or to be used for display purposes. Reluctantly, I am selling due to a relocation into North Carolina with additional funds needed for property improvement. Many of these CT-13s have been modified to suit their owner's desires and some are extremely nice. However, this one deserves to be kept as an original representation for posterity's sake, IMHO. I did 3 walk-a-round You Tube videos that are listed below. I apologize for their quality but hopefully they might show some additional details. Incidentally, the windows even have the little drain hole shields still in place! The tires (3) are all nos U-Haul tires that are exactly what was used when rented by UHaul. A lug wrench and jack is included. This is one of the lightest of the fiberglass RVs, around 1300 lbs, easily towed by even a Mini! Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Mount Mitchell have never been a problem. Mini rear view mirrors work perfectly and it tows without any swaying or requiring any trailer brakes. 

Porta-pottys were used with the CTs  and were stowed in the middle under the front bunk. However, that was never needed unless you camp totally off the grid. The furnace appears to be operational with the fan/blower working with the thermostat. It will need a check out for safety purposes before being used while sleeping.The stove, interior lights, battery and battery monitor all work perfectly. The water system has all new lines and the tank have all been cleaned and sanitized. The floor indoor outdoor carpet was replaced recently with original matching the overhead indoor outdoor carpet. It was installed with 2 sided indoor outdoor carpet tape, picture shown, so it's removal at a later date will be no problem. Underneath the trailer it is in good shape, pictures shown, with no significant rust. The smoke detector is a replacement with 10 years lifetime and the fire extinguisher is the original one that will need replacement as now outdated! The original UHaul 12V battery will go with the sale if desired by the winning bidder but it will no longer hold a charge.(It is quite impressive to look at, tho)

Upgrades like a refrigerator and a/c are quite common but this CT is a little time capsule of originality that deserves consideration before undertaking any modifications. Some additional walk-a-round You Tube videos links I made are available at the bottom of this description page.  

A little history: The founder of U-Haul Mr.Leonard 'Sam' Shoen had a fulfilled dream to built and rent these CT13s (Camper Trailer), 13' total length and a slightly larger VT16 (Vacation Traveler), 16' total length. The CT and VT campers were built in 1984 and 1985, patterned after the Burro molds which U-Haul had bought and then incorporated many U-Haul enhancements into them. They are a double hull design with a strong U-Haul chassis that are said to be one of the strongest fiberglass RVs built so they could stand up for rental duty. They built many more CTs than the VTs making the VTs quite rare and sought after. The exact number of total CTs and VTs produced I do not know, but, they totaled less than 2000 I believe. U-Haul rented these wonderful campers to the American public so that they could enjoy the great outdoors, including our National, State and Local Parks, or wherever the person or family decided to have an adventure! What a wonderful thing for the public as they did not have to spend all the money for ownership and only needed to rent them. However, U-Haul had a change of leadership and a decision was made to sell these campers to the public around 1991. The exact reason for that decision are not totally known, but it supposedly included that they were losing money on them...Regardless, we can thank the late  L.'Sam" Shoen for creating these little gems and allowing us who are fortunate enough to now own one the pleasure he wanted us to share. The complete U-Haul story is readily available in books and on line.