1986 13ft Scamp Trailer - $5500 - East Colfax, Denver, CO

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1986 13ft Scamp Trailer - $5500 - East Colfax, Denver, CO

Ready to finish out with your own customization. I bought this two years ago and got most of the way through a renovation before my bad back nixed my trailer camping plans.

Here's a more thorough 9min walkthru video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/-2armH6Xi68

When I bought this Scamp, the floor and undercarriage were my priorities. I rebuilt the floor with sturdy 3/4” plywood covered in Reflectix insulation and fresh utility carpet. I also insulated the camper undercarriage with 2” R-10 foam board insulation (just like diehard Scampers recommend in the Scamp forums). Between the new floor and undercarriage insulation, it's now easy to keep the interior temperature of this camper comfortable no matter what direction the Colorado weather swings. A small space heater heats it up in a flash, even on the coldest days of winter.

After those projects, I set it up with three new tires and took out all the old shaky appliances, like the stove, water tank, etc. (though the hookups are all still there, if you’d like to put those sorts of appliances in now). We sanded, repainted, and re-hung the cabinet and closet doors, and replaced the cabinet door pulls with simple brass ones. The black curtains and gold curtain rods are new. The mattress and couch are 4” memory foam which I purchased new and cut to the sizes needed. We put fresh black contact paper up in the closet, and put in a new closet floor. All the windows work, including the skylight, and when everything is closed the camper is watertight with no leaks. I ran fresh black silicone around all of the external window edges to reinforce those seals. The exterior was painted white and blue by the previous owner. We painted the interior walls dark purple and the cabinets black. The backsplash area is currently covered in stick-on shiny black plastic tiles. You could easily pull them off and replace them with something else if you'd prefer.

The Scamp has new taillights, and the previous owner had them professionally re-wired. I can confirm that when hooked to my car, the trailer’s taillights do light up. The front window is equipped with a “rock shield” which clips on and off to protect the glass while you’re on the road. None of the glass anywhere on this trailer is broken or cracked. The battery box on the tongue is in good usable shape, and there is room on the tongue for a propane tank should you decide to strap one on and go that route. I have the correct size hitch ball for the trailer, which I’d be happy to include in the sale. It's for a 2" receiver. I also have a nylon exterior cover for the trailer — the sort of thing you toss over the top and cinch around the bottom edge — although the cover is getting a little sunbaked and threadbare, and you’ll want to get a fresh one before long. But it works fine for the time being.

Since it has no heavy appliances or water tank, I estimate this trailer is probably only about 1200 pounds as is (a fully loaded 13' Scamp is usually about 1500 lbs). Towable with any car. Before my back gave out, I used to actually pivot and pull it short distances by hand when I needed to maneuver it around my yard or driveway.

Overall, it’s cute, super light, watertight, and rolls smooth. Ready to go to a home that will get some good use out of it! I have its clean Colorado title in hand. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Thanks.

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