SOLD - 1985 Uhaul CT13 - $11,000 - Salt Lake City, UT

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SOLD - 1985 Uhaul CT13 - $11,000 - Salt Lake City, UT



Unfortunately after many years of adventures, I'm letting go of my beloved "Chunk" a 1985 Uhaul Ct13. I did alot of work to this, and planned on doing more but instead ended up needed to size up a little bit. There are a couple things that will eventually need attention. It could use a fusebox upgrade, as the original is still in use. Also, as with alot of uhauls the taillights/marker lights are a bit dated. Most work aside from the center rear bar , but would benefit from some fresh LED replacements. When I purchased, it was in close to original form minus the removal of the front bunks by the previous owner as well as the addition of a 3 burner stove. All electric, lights, original heater/thermostat, work as they should and with the solar panel, I never come close to having power issues even when using everything heavily in winter. Other than that, it pulls great, the frame is rust free, it's just an amazing camper. I used a 2006 Volvo XC70 to pull this one for most of the time I owned it.

Things I've added/upgraded/included:

100W Solar panel charging dual Deep Cycle 12V Batteries

Front bench converts to Dinette and Bed

Custom Walnut shelf above Dinette

Efficient TruckFridge 12V DC fridge

New locking door handle

Engineer Wood Flooring / Trim and new subfloor

1000W Inverter

LED Interior Lights

New electric water pump and faucet

Hitch lock, leveling blocks/chocks, Stabilizer jacks, etc.


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Salt Lake City, UT