SOLD 1985 Uhaul CT-13 $4000 Kansas City

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SOLD 1985 Uhaul CT-13 $4000 Kansas City

Selling my 1985 Uhaul  CT13 Located in Kansas City, Missouri.


I could deliver this weekend if we worked something out. Money talks on how far I would travel to do so.

Pains me to sell, but we are doing what we have to do right now. 


Here are the details:

- 1985 with Missouri title

- Rear mounted cargo rack with permanent mounted storage totes

- Jalousie side windows no leaks

- Back window sealed completely shut with some kid of black sealant. No leaks.

- LED strip lights running full length of the ceiling and under the bottom below the door entrance

- NEW Fantastic fan installed and sealed with butyl tape and lap sealant. However it has not been wired in, primarily installed to fix the leaky old non-fan vent.

- No furnace, propane tank mount, stove, or water tank/plumbing.

- Original tail lights leak, included are a set of Gary Roy adapters not installed. Would be best to just run a new wire harness when this is done. The current one cuts out and requires cleaning of the plug every time I try to use it.

- Older mini-fridge with freezer in place of ice chest. Works and pulls about 0.86 amps running on 120v.

- Original uhaul orange converter box in working order

- Group 27 battery will run lights for several days

- Frame in good shape and repainted black at some point more recently.

- Cushions are gross and need replaced, foam and fabric.

- Front window was removed and really questionable but functional window AC mount wast built in it's place. Right now I just have the AC sitting in the hole because my AC is smaller than the hole, so I stuff some foam insulation around it when its setup. If it rains hard this setup lets water in.

- Someone installed an outdoor outlet where the furnace vent was, this leaks with heavy rain into the wall of the closet.

- Have some fiberglass damage to front corner near door. Shown in photos, doesn't leak, but previous owner just filled it with sealant.

- Current wheels are not for this camper and stick out past the fiberglass. The spare on the trailer front tongue is an original uhaul, and I have another spare I just got from a member so you will have two actual uhaul wheels to run on trailer itself.

- Towed home from TN to Kansas city in March (600 miles) with no issue.

- Have some camping cookware, and 4 leveling jacks and other misc camper items to go with it.

Looking for $4000 and we can work something out on delivery if necessary especially if this 4th of July weekend.










Trailer Location: 

Kansas City, Missouri