SOLD - 1985 Burro 13' Trailer w/ woodstove - $7500 - Bellingham, WA

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SOLD - 1985 Burro 13' Trailer w/ woodstove - $7500 - Bellingham, WA

We are selling our 1985 Burro 13' tow behind trailer with trailer brakes and a woodstove

If you're looking at this ad, you probably already know how rad these trailers are, so I wont go on and on. But here are a couple of things that sets ours apart, and make it one of the best out there:

I refurbished the interior and set this camper up to be the perfect winter ski retreat camper. We installed a wood stove (Brand-name: Fatsco Tiny Tot). 

The Tiny tot generates a ton of heat, its incredible. The Tiny-Tot will dry 2+ people's clothes / boots after a day of skiing in the best or worst winter conditions! We have been camping in 0 degree temps, wearing a T-shirt inside the Burro. It is easy to manage how fast the Tiny Tot burns, it vents well, and in my opinion it's the best heat source you could put inside an RV. The outside pipe is removable for driving.

We removed all of your normal RV comforts like the sink (would freeze in the winter), the refrigerator and the air-condition (duh), the microwave and the built-in stove top. We prefer a single burner stove better because it's smaller and takes up less space.

We installed a nicer (superficial) faux hardwood floor, custom upholstery, and custom window shades. The faux hardwood floor makes it really use to clean up. Sweep it right up. 
The floor being superficial is nice for a couple reasons, it makes it easy to access the structural floor and make sure that it is still in good shape. That is the one thing to keep an eye on in these trailers. I have performed some repairs on the structural floor, and it's in good shape.

We also installed a dinette as you walk in. The dinette table flips up and down to make for more counter space or more floor space. We also removed the 20# propane tank from the tongue and instead use a more portable 5#'er.

Our burro weighs about 1100 pounds empty. I towed it for years with a 2.5 liter Subaru. However, I did add trailer brakes to the trailer, which makes it really safe to tow with a smaller vehicle, over mountain passes etc. Trailer brakes cost ~1500$. Brake controller included.

You comfortably seat/entertain -5 adults, play cards, drink beer. The U shape bench seat converts to a bed. we usually throw another sleeping pad on top of those cushions to be super cozy.