SOLD - 1985 17' Widebody Burro Trailer - $9500 - Austin, TX

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SOLD - 1985 17' Widebody Burro Trailer - $9500 - Austin, TX

1985 17’ Wide Body Burro
Weight: 2040 lbs
Clear title
Located in Austin, TX

**Reason for Selling**

We have loved this trailer for our young family. We are former live-aboard sailors who took pride in maintaining our minimal homes-away-from-home. We have basically used it as a hard-sided tent storing all our camping gear, making it easy to get outside with young children. Now that our kids are 6 & 8, we realize we’ve now outgrown it.

**Many more details and pics are here**

Full/queen bed with original cushions on bottom, futon mattress on top, feather bed on top of that! Cute linens (waterproof mattress pad included)
Bunks in front with IKEA mini twin mattresses (waterproof mattress pads included)
Window unit in back window
Spare tire + jacks + tire wedges
**new tires this month - Jan 2023**
Frame replaced with a boat trailer in 2019
2 burner camp stove (no stovetop)
Cassette toilet (no shower, no bathroom)
Portable heater
Portable fan
New floors in 2019
New cabinet doors in 2020
Easy-up tent (red, great condition)
Pots, pans, cutlery
Extra linens
Camp chairs
Extension cords, water hose (for water hookups)
Tow hitches
Stairs for easy access
Door seals ok but does not lock!
Cover for the Burro (we’ve kept it covered when not in use)
Solar license plate light

**Repairs in spring of 2019 through a RV repairman**
Fixed window leaks, replace rusty base
He sealed all the windows shut, which is not ideal for pleasant weather
Added 90º protective strip to door latch area to protect fiberglass
Added matching doors for under-sink cabinet shelves
This is also when he put in accent pieces (backsplash, above closet, light switch)
Painted/rivet visible holes above rear window where outside eave used to be
Repaired outside power cord ring
All new electrical (lights, interior, new electric box) -- if you come to look at it, feel free to bring a generator to test electric (we don't have a 220 plug at the house)
Ceiling trim/center-line cover
Microwave added
Aesthetic treatment around microwave not further done because the repairman said it needs to be vented, recommended not permanently sealing/trimming
Outside painted

There is a little dent in the rearmed fiberglass that does not have a crack
There is a lean to the Burro that does not seem to effect driving
No brakes
Fiberglass - Some spidercracks and dings, consistent with age; Some interior fiberglass cracks, holes from screws

**Future ideas for repair or upgrades**
Like all vintage campers, there are a few leaks (in hard rains, when uncovered):
-- There is a leak that seems to be originating from the ceiling above the main bed and exiting the first cupboard above the bed
-- There may also be a leak on the back windows seeping onto the back of the bed mattress
-- There is some water stains on the curtain on the door, and curtain in the kitchen window, likely due to some leak that we have never seen further damage from. Seems minor, but the stains are a tell-tale.

Replace/upgrade the curtain rod so it’s not bent (by young kid shenanigans!)
Sink laminate has bubbled from water damage because it was never the right material for that surface :/
The interior of the cabinets is just the inside of the fiberglass shell. So, we kept items in buckets and Tupperware to keep general dust and dirt out. Seems like a vacuum and sealing project to clean and finish these out, if interested.
Does not include a window shield for rocks, but we never had an issue with this