SOLD - 1984 Uhaul CT-13 Camper - $11,999 - Vancouver, WA

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SOLD - 1984 Uhaul CT-13 Camper - $11,999 - Vancouver, WA

The light weight and clean airflow really saves gas compared other trailers. This trailer is one of the hard to find U-haul camping trailers. These were made for the rental market so are build much better than most other fiberglass trailers. Double walls make it much stronger, quieter, better insulated, (a small space heater on half power easily keeps you warm), and at less than half the weight 16 foot trailers, and that's using their dry weight! This one can be towed with many 4 cylinder vehicle as we did at first. From much experience towing other trailers we suggest you not tow more than two thirds your vehicle's rated towing capacity unless you don't plan to do mountains, windy areas, or more than about 60 mph. The vehicle manufacture's tow ratings are very optimistic and should not be counted on. These U haul trailers are designed to last and the floor is fiberglass encapsulated marine grade plywood which means it can't be water damaged so no "soft" floors as most others can have. A new torsion axle, wheels, and tires were installed about 4000 miles ago and since then, when in storage, has been stored with the wheels off the ground as is recommended. All of the old incandescent lighting was removed and new, and much more, LED lighting has been installed both outside and inside. Very well lit! Both a 4 pin and 7 pin trailer connector. Plus an Optima blue top battery. New stainless range hood. All of the electrical works perfectly. A 3.0 series high power USB/12 volt outlet is nearly new as well. The power control center controls the 120 AC and 12 volt DC power and converter from one location. Quite a bit of storage. Nice overhead open shelves for jackets, hats etc. Plus plenty of hooks. We installed a Lexan shield over the front window as these often are hit by stones kicked up from other vehicles. This trailer tows very well, and even allows easy, fast passing when using our 2016 Toyota Highlander, which BTW, is also for sale, and we would consider a discount if you buy both. We have disconnected the sink faucet and tank, as we never used it, which saved weight and gave even more storage, but I think we still have all of the parts if one wanted to reconnect it. Also, from the factory these have bunk beds up front, but our kids are grown and gone so we converted it to a permanent, comfortable dinette with more storage underneath. The rear bed is set up as a bed all of the time but we do have everything to convert it back and forth if desired and this would only take a few minutes. You likely won't want to but you could. We removed the original carpet and was going to install the flooring as seen in one of the pics. You can have the flooring if you want it, or install carpeting. There is a nice locking carrier for a spare tire mounted on the back bumper. The box seen in one of the pics has a bunch of things we are including. This trailer is in really great shape and ready to go, and comes with an expensive breathable cover for winter. Thanks for looking.